More Fun- Learning from my Kids

Today’s post is a quick one- I’m preparing to jump into rehearsals of lunch time theater next month and we are in the thick of the school year and I’m starting to feel the busyness ramp up with knowledge that the holidays are practically around the corner… so in an effort to focus on one of the things I’m committing to this year and to keep it short and sweet…

Here’s a list of some fo the things I’m experiencing with my kids that remind me of fun things adults just don’t tend to do- maybe it will inspire you to have a little more fun today too.

*Balloons, bubbles (still), and blooms: Just being in the presence of a kid with a balloon or bubbles and this is self explanatory. My kids also giggle with delight whenever we cut flowers from our garden, but they don’t even need that- they are just as thrilled over picking dandelions or wildflowers while out on a walk.
*The car wash: this is one of many of our to-do list items that I might find mundane but my kids’ remind me is magical. Other “chores” that are actually “delights” to my kids include washing the dishes and jumping into a pile of freshly dried laundry…
*Making cards or drawings or other special “treats” for anyone and everyone: My kids truly love this and they remind me of the enthusiasm for entertaining and serving others and making people smile that just seems to disappear when I get too busy and tired. Maybe we should all make someone’s day with a silly picture we Dres, a postcard dropped in the mail, or baking a surprise treat for a loved one.
*IT’S RAINING!: After a long hot summer without as many monsoons as usual, my kids are so thrilled about the rain this week, and this one is an easy one for me to have fun with too. We are having a special tea time and making soup for dinner and there’s something lovely and liturgical about celebrating what season you are in, even though Phoenix doesn’t get much in terms of actual seasons…
*Countdowns: Here’s something that I know makes me kind of weird- I hate surprises. Not only does my type A personality get really uncomfortable with not having a plan (also, I have trust issues so being lied to even if the reason is to bring me to something fun, is just not my jam…) but ALSO I feel like surprises rob me of the excitement of the countdown. My son reminded me that he shares this love of countdowns when he asked if we could make paper chains to countdown for Halloween the way we do for Christmas. He talks about events coming up at school for WEEKS. He has the orders of birthdays memorized because the kid can’t get enough joy when it comes to dreaming about the next time he’ll have cake. This may seem like a weird note to end on because my theme for the year is PRESENT- but it’s a good reminder to me that the wait and the anticipation we feel can be POSITIVE and not just steeped in anxiety about what needs to get done or might happen in the meantime- it can be a JOYFUL waiting.

So those are the simple ways my kids are reminding me to have fun right now that I might have overlooked otherwise. Any simple, fun activities you are loving as we head into fall?

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