Hi there!

Here’s a little bit about me: I’m a passionate theatre artist, wife, mom of two, child of God, a recovering perfectionist, an unlikely gardener, and an enthusiastic blogger. I love laughter, music, avocado, reading, coffee, and so much more. I’m thankful for a husband who can cook, yoga, family and friends who feel like they are family, the oxford comma, and, above all, grace. You can also find me on Pinterest: @pepperdinegal or instagram: @alphabetresolutions

Here’s a little bit about this blog: Alphabet Resolutions was created with the idea that each year I would focus on a new letter of the alphabet to guide some of my goals and writings for the year. It’s a way to get me to try new things and consider different aspects of life, but also to remind myself that I can’t do EVERYTHING all at the same time, and that some things are meant to come and go in seasons, not stay forever. Some themes remain pretty similar (I can’t think of a year that won’t somehow involve me writing about my family, for example) others will vary quite a bit from year to year! 2019 Is my year of Fs- I’m focusing on Family, Fitness, Frugal living, Friends, Fun, and FAVORITES! I have no idea yet what my year of G’s will include next year, but I’m excited to start brainstorming soon!


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