Baking #5: 42 projects in 52 weeks- Cookies for the Cast

***Originally Posted 1/27/15***

Yesterday’s baking project was an oldie but a goodie- chocolate chip cookies!

I wanted this week’s recipe to be something I could easily share because today is the designer’s run for How I Learned to Drive. Our rehearsal process has been short, intense, and has just flown by! After the designers run we have only a few more rehearsals before we open a week from Thursday! WHOAH!

(Seriously… Get. Your. Tickets!)

I am so proud of this cast and so thankful to have a full production team (still seems strange after 3 years of grad school where the cast WAS the production crew!) So I thought cookies would be a good way to offer a gesture of appreciation. Plus, things are really busy around here so it seemed a good time for a tried and true recipe. That’s also why today’s post is fairly short. Hopefully back to your regularly scheduled blogging after getting through tech and opening!

There are hundreds of cookie recipes online. I won’t tell you my exact recipe, but I will tell you a little cookie baking hint: If your oven heats unevenly (and I think most household ovens do at least a bit), make sure you switch the trays between the top and bottom rack halfway through cooking. This will keep them soft instead of half soft and half crunchy from the extra heat!

Another tip? Don’t skip on the chocolate chips! MMMMMMMM….

Also, always have a glass of milk handy for taste testing…


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