Little by Little… backyard dreaming

Aside from having children, one of the biggest financial decisions my husband and I have made so far is buying our first home. It’s amazing how much that process made us really look at so many variables in life and express what some of our priorities were. Continue reading

On Catholicism, PBS, and Fine Arts Funding

I want to start this post by writing about a little story I’ve been sharing amongst some of my mom friends. It’s a story about what’s been happening when we bring our kids to church- particularly about what happened this past weekend at my daughter’s baptism and at mass the day after. And while it was a beautiful weekend for my daughter, these stories focus on my son… Continue reading

Mommy Guilt

I might decide to delete this later, but as I sit down to write this post with very limited time all I can think about is “Mommy guilt”- or, to be more specific, things that are objectively pretty ridiculous to feel bad about but that have at some point caused me mental agony since my becoming a mom or becoming a mom of two. Continue reading

Stay At Home Date Night

I knew when I picked Dating as one of the focuses of this year, that we’d have to have some stay at home date nights during the early days with our daughter. I also knew that if we didn’t make it a priority to actually label those stay at home time date nights then it was likely we’d end up choosing sleep, netflix, or getting a few more things on the “Oh my stars there’s so much we need to catch up on” list checked off. Continue reading