Intro to this crazy blog and a very happy new year

***This post was originally published on December 31, 2014***

Hello 2015!

So… this is going to be the year of Bs. My goal is to have 2015 center around the Bs listed in the blog title-

  1. Babies. I havea beautiful 7 mo. old and every day is a new adventure as he grows and changes and needs new things. I can’t imagine going a year without writing about the experiences involving him and the lessons motherhood is teaching me.
  1. Baking– I am hoping to try a lot of new recipes this year and I have always been more of a baker than a cook so that is where I will focus. Some weeks it might be cookies or cakes, others it will really be pushing outside my comfort zone with bread or croissants. Sometimes the recipes may not strictly be baking (i.e. on my ½ planned list there are recipes for tortillas and pasta. Not technically baking but a lot of flour and hoping things go right anyway!) My goal is to bake/cook 42 new things in the 52 weeks of this year.

Pumpkin Snickerdoodle I baked this fall… I have a soft spot for carbs, and a few soft spots from carbs…

  1. (The other blog is also the main component of the 4. Bardolatry portion. There are other Shakespearean exploits in the works this year as well!)Blogging: this is the year I attempt to seriously blog. (I say attempt because it’s also the year I’m allowing myself the grace to shine through setbacks… see Brilliance). I have a goal to blog 3x a week either here or at my other blog Newlywed Shakespeare, which I started in 2013 and want to jump back into
  1. Brilliance. I love this word.It has three commonly used meanings and they are all fantastic- intense brightness of light, vividness of color, exceptional talent or intelligence. I want my year to be filled with brilliance. I want it to be colorful, I want to explore my talents and thoughts, and I want to be a light for my family, friends, and whoever else happens to stumble on this blog. And going back to the grace I mentioned before, I want to learn the grace and patience to deal with when things do not feel so brilliant, when I make mistakes, when I fall behind, when I lose sight of my goals and values and how I can look to the brilliance in others to pull me through.

I also want to have a monthly theme of additional B words that didn’t make the year long cut. January’s theme: Beginnings. New year. New goals. New projects.

On that note, one beginning in particular that I can’t wait to share a bit more about is the beginning of my rehearsal process for Class 6’s production of How I Learned to Drive. If you are local, you should buy yourself some tickets forthe February performances. And whether you are reading from near or far, you should know that I am truly honored to work on this funny, feminist, gorgeous, surprising play.

I’m not sure what shape this blog will take. But I’m excited to begin the journey!


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