Baking # 10- 42 projects in 52 weeks

So… have you ever had a time where you thought.. oh good, things are a little less busy and now I can catch up? If you are anything like me, those times suddenly become the busiest of all. Our family has found we are extra busy these days, mostly with a few great opportunities which I will be talking more about in the near future (I know, such a tease…) BUT… I did manage to squeeze in my baking project yesterday, even if I didn’t have time to write about it until today!


Applesauce monster… aka my handsome boy!

My son is obsessed with applesauce. It was one of the first foods he tried and still remains a favorite. We affectionately call him an applesauce monster because he tears through servings like a wild animal. This week’s baking project was chosen in honor of his applesauce obsession. It’s an applesauce loaf that I found HERE and tweaked just a bit based on what we had in the house.

I was a little skeptical because the mixture looked lumpier than most things I bake, but the recipe called for it to look like that so I put it in the oven and tried to put my little guy down for a nap so I could get some sewing projects done while it baked. My nap plan worked a little TOO well and instead of having to struggle to start nap time, he fell asleep right in my arms!


I mean… would YOU get anything done?!

I won’t lie… the sewing projects did not happen. I don’t get sleepy snuggles much anymore now that I have such an active 9 mo. old so this was a rare treasure. I sat and snuggled him and marveled at how much he’s grown so fast. He slept that way for almost 45 minutes, I even ended up letting the bread go 5 minutes longer than I’d planned because I wanted more cuddle time! Luckily the bread didn’t burn and I could distract the napping baby I just woke trying to transfer him out of my arms with fresh baked applesauce bread!

IMG_5311The bread smelled really good while baking and when it came out of the oven! You can’t beat your house smelling of sweetness and cinnamon. My son must have known I made this for him because he was very demanding about trying a piece… so much so that I could barely get it out of the oven and let it cool before giving it to him. So I don’t have pictures of the finished product aside from this applesauce monster testing it:


(WARNING: this bread is soft and crumbly! A bib was not doing the trick so the baby just ate this shirtless instead!)

My husband loved it too. I wasn’t thrilled, it was actually a little too sweet for me (I know, I’m kind of picky for someone who loves to bake!) BUT it was super moist and made me want to put greek yogurt into other recipes I try in the future because I’m pretty sure that’s what kept it so soft. The verdict: will definitely make this again for my applesauce monster, but there’s a LOT of sugar in the recipe, so definitely only making this treat in moderation.

Hoping to get back to THREE updates next week, but we’ll see how it goes!


2 thoughts on “Baking # 10- 42 projects in 52 weeks

    • Thanks Clara! Blogging has been such a helpful way to recenter my weeks and clear my head and make sure I get some “me” time. And we are loving the baking part of it because I always pin so many baking recipes and was having such a hard time just taking the leap to try them instead of making the same recipes over and over, so the blogging is kind of a win all around for our family right now 🙂


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