Blogging: On Not Blogging. (At least until Sunday…)

I’m in tech for Anatomy of a Hug. And Dan and I are still trying to revise and/or write 2 other shows and cast another. So sleep and the blog are taking a back seat. Don’t worry, I’m not throwing my attempt at taking care of myself and breathing out the window, having to put a hiatus on the blogging I had planned for the week is a part of that. But since I’d hate to leave you with barely a paragraph, here’s a quick list of

Things I’ve done because I’m in the busy season and not sleeping:

*Accidentally deleted entire documents on my computer
*Lost my hairbrush… it was in the shower… I don’t even know.
*Went to make myself a Nespresso only to come back and realize there was no cup under it and espresso is all over my counter
*Forgotten to hydrate until I’m ready to pass out (NOT recommended. this does not fall under taking care of myself well at all!)
*Fallen asleep sitting up and playing with my son- he head butted me awake
*Drawn total brain blanks such as common words- i.e. bottle, book, computer
*considered ice cream a viable meal choice (if you live in Phoenix odds are you have too, busy or not)
*gone one autopilot and missed my freeway exit
*wondered where my son was… when I was wearing him
*let my email inbox get to over 1000 emails when I’m usually diligent about clearing it to no more than 50
*Let my filter go and said things I might not have otherwise
*Gone into that overtired hyper giggly phase where everything seems funny- even things that definitely aren’t. There are worse effects of exhaustion right?

And you know what? all the crazy… it’s worth it.
More after this week. If you live in the Phoenix metro area please consider checking out THe Bridge Initiative’s Anatomy of a Hug this weekend, playing at the Mesa Encore Theatre Blackbox.


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