A day I will tell my children about…

There have been a few big historical days that I know I will one day tell my children (not an announcement, the plural is theoretical) about. I will want to recount to them where I was, what it felt like, how those around me acted. The first one that comes to mind is September 11th. I will tell them how I wept most of the day and was scared of what was next. It’s often the dates of tragedies that stick with us.
But I’m happy to say today is going to help balance the tragic. I will tell them how this day I also wept throughout the day, but with joy and hope for the future. This reaction may surprise some of you. I know some of my friends are extremely liberal and some are extremely conservative. Some of you on the far ends of the spectrum may be shocked that as a Catholic I had that reaction- some may be pleasantly surprised and others confused or angry, but I am unapologetically thrilled with this decision. (I do think it’s important to note that no one is forcing any religion to marry these or any people. This is a government decision about legal rights.)
As news about the Supreme Court decision began to flood my Facebook feed today, I was overwhelmed with emotion. I didn’t really get the marriage equality fight and the huge emotions tied up in it until I was married. Even when I was engaged I didn’t understand how hugely different marriage feels and perhaps more to the point- how differently married people are treated verses those who are in a relationship, even if that relationship is serious or long term. I didn’t get it. At all. Since getting married a little over three years ago, I am starting to get it a lot more, but I don’t claim to know how this felt for my LGBT friends today. I DO know I have been smiling and wiping tears from my eyes and telling my little boy over and over again that love wins. I know I breathed a sigh of relief for him and any other future children that no matter who they fall in love with they can have the federal rights and privileges that come with being married in this country (and also potentially the tax penalties in some situations, but let’s focus on the positive…) should they find someone with whom they want to take that crazy journey.
I am excited that people who have waited decades to get married and have equal rights will now be able to do so.

So today?

We ate rainbow food. (Fajitas and ice cream with rainbow sprinkles!… not at the same time…)
We read about love.
We laughed and cried and celebrated all damn day.
And I will tell that to my kids and grandkids as many times as they will let me.
Love Wins.


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