Building: A check in on this month’s theme

This month has been… busy. Beyond busy. And much of it connects with the theme for the month. 11696368_10100397327674036_7012235793274891989_oWe’ve been building a cast for The Temepst. We’ve been building sets and costumes for the camp show (a 2 week run of craziness and the rich opportunity to connect with kids I would not get to otherwise that culminates in an adorable production) and we’ve been using whatever downtime we have to try to build relationships and connections. I’ve also been working on building a healthier lifestyle, including building strength, and endurance. All week this week I’ve been tired or stressed enough after long days that all I want to do after getting home from camp is collapse on the couch, eat some ice cream, and watch Parks and Rec on Netflix. Yet, I am invested in building a healthier, more sustainable life for myself (which, don’t get me wrong, will STILL include nights of watching Parks and Rec on Netflix and plenty of ice cream… just not every night for two weeks!) Instead of binge watching, I’ve been going to barre class while I still can (before rehearsals start up and scheduling is not viable) and I signed up for a 5k this week to hopefully motivate me to start running (probably not until I can get an evening under 100 though… Phoenix is insane 3 months out of the year and perfection most of the other 9…). Instead of eating out because we have no time, we’ve been utilizing our meal planning and making food on Sundays (again, another luxury before rehearsals for The Tempest start and we need to rearrange our schedules a bit) barreI can’t believe the month is almost half over. I can’t believe the year is OVER half over. HOW is time going so fast?!


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