Year end wrap up: BABIES

So one of my focuses this year was babies! Not only my own baby but celebrating the babies of friends and becoming involved in the world of babywearing and helping others with wearing their baby. Well…

IMG_8368My baby is now solidly a toddler. He eats more than I did as a teenager, he runs, climbs, and jumps off things at an alarming speed, and we are all learning to navigate this new world of tantrums and communication struggles. And sometimes I look at him and truly catch a glimpse of this little man instead of a boy. Already. (STOP GROWING UP SO FAST!)

The year was filled with joy and noticing things I never would have without my son. Firsts like steps, Disneyland visits, ice cream, ended up astonishing us all and giving us the gift of wonder. Firsts like ER visits, total napless days, and picky food moments made us wonder if we’re doing this right and led to prayers for patience and perseverance.


One of my favorite wraps, Aurora. SO BEAUTIFUL!

My experience with babywearing also grew and transformed. What started as a means of survival and sanity grew into a hobby and a source of joy. I started meeting others in my community and found so much support from them. I fell in love with the beautiful designs and textiles of carriers in a way that the beauty of fashion in general (aside from shoes!) never really spoke to me. I expanded my communication and outreach skills by being a brand ambassador for Wrapsody and learned a ton about the female entrepreneur(s) behind the great work they do and the challenges they face.


I can help you use the carriers pictured above!

And as the year draws to a close, I’m proud to announce one more baby related babywearing adventure: I am now a Volunteer Babywearing Educator for Babywearing International of Phoenix. I am so excited to help parents learn this skill that has helped me so much over the last year and a half. I am excited to continue learning new things and making more connections in the baby wearing community which I have found to be full of supportive people.

park funAs I look back on 2015, the greatest memories I had were with my baby. A few years ago I might have found that statement to be sad or judged that i wasn’t doing enough outside the home, but now I look back and just see it as the greatest blessing I’ve ever had, and my greatest creation I’ve ever had a part in making.


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