What I cling to on my hardest days

I needed to make this list today. I thought others might need a reminder too:

My son. His hugs and sloppy kisses. The way he can wipe my tears and say “awww mama sad” and then strokes my hair, the way his dancing with abandon makes me smile through the tears. The way he calls Goofy “Goosy”. The way a snack can make everything in his world better. The way he sings random words along with our favorite songs. The way he wants to help me put on my shoes and lead me out to the backyard so we can play in the dirt and the way he is excited to wash his hands when he comes back in so he can help me cook.

My husband. His willingness to just listen when there’s nothing else he can do. His work ethic. His compassion. His feminism. His sweet kisses and his excellent cooking skills. His faith that holds mine up when I’m wavering.


My closest friends who give me the courage to ask for what I need and work hard to be their for each other.

My community. The hard work and love they show during dark times. The inspiration they give each other to keep creating instead of destroying.

The rosary which is the closest thing I can get to achieving a good meditation practice

The color blue.

Calming tea.

The hymns “It is well with my soul” and “abide with me”

Happy pictures/memories.

The face that it’s ok to cry.

The fact that it’s ok to laugh.





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