Summer Sipping: Strawberry delight!

After I posted my little reintroduction last week, I realized that I really needed to make some sort of fun, bubbly, summery drink before the summer got away from me. I mean, even if Phoenix is still experiencing ridiculously warm weather I will still want to start moving on to all the yummy fall flavors soon and so it was time to seize the fruits of summer!

sweet sweet strawberry goodness…

I had planned to have a few friends over to watch a fun 90s movie (So I Married an Axe Murderer… I was a little worried the years would not have been kind to it but I still found it delightful…) so I figured this girls night in was a perfect time to experiment with a new drink. I was torn at first about whether to make a strawberry drink or a spiked lavender lemonade and in the end I split the difference. Strawberries were on sale this week so my sweet husband agreed to make a cross between a strawberry puree and a strawberry simple syrup by boiling the berries with a little sugar and then straining the mixture into a mason jar. It filled about 3/4 of the jar so I cooled this mixture and then added some lemon juice to cut some of the sweetness until the jar was just shy of being full. Strawberry lemonade concoction here we go!

I am always in the mood for a bubbly drink so instead of adding hard liquor to the strawberry mixture I went for Prosecco. I mixed equal parts but probably could have cut it just a tad more. I was so excited to get to watching the movie I forgot to get a picture of the girls posing with their drinks! I was going to include a slapdash shot of my drink on my son’s table he usually uses for coloring but I commandeered for extra food and drink space that night, but the picture was so dark since we’d already started the movie that it wasn’t worth it. So instead I’ll include this picture of Mike Myers from a scene that always cracks me up:

I tend to lean toward strawberries and raspberries a lot in baking so it makes sense that I would think of them first and foremost for making drinks too but I’m wondering if you have favorite flavors to sip on? I’m trying to refrain from jumping into all things apple spice and pumpkin until at least mid September…


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