My final areas of focus for the year are:

FAMILY, FRIENDS, and FUN! because we can all use a little more fun in life…

It wouldn’t really be my blog without sharing at least a bit about my family- our adventures, struggles, lessons, etc.

My friends are crazy important to me and in the hustle and bustle of the last few months I feel like I haven’t put my time and focus on some of my friendships the way I would like so hopefully I’ll have some fun connection with friends to write about soon.

Finally, when I was doing my “Cultivated Life Evaluation” in my Powersheets prep work, I found that the area that scored the lowest was recreation. I am really good at attacking a to-do list, justifying staying up late to get one more thing done, etc. but I found that often that means  I have left no room for rest, recreation, and just being with people I love to cultivate relationship (aka FUN is connected with the memories I want to make with my FRIENDS and FAMILY)

So hopefully I’ll have some random moments, some big moments, some small moments of fun and joy to share throughout the year. Hoping for a really great 2019!


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