Baking #3- 42 projects in 52 weeks: The Hunger Games

***This was originally posted on 1/12/15***

So… the last few days have been insane. Very busy with lots of good things, but very exhausting- mostly because we lost my son’s favorite pacifier and every other pacifier in the world seems inadequate to get him to sleep in a timely manner…

That little bear with the pacifier is called a Wubanub and the last we saw this one was Friday.. which was also the last time we saw very good sleep… We bought a new Wubs but to no avail, it’s just not blue bear…

but I figured it’s a new week and I feel good starting it with some baking.  I tried to be optimistic. I took the baby for a walk to calm him down as soon as it stopped raining, then I got us ready to go for a really nice coffee date, then he looked EXHAUSTED by the end of it and i thought YES! nap time is around the bend! let’s get him home! but of course he fell asleep in the five minute drive home and then woke up when the car stopped and would not go back to sleep again so I had a CRANKY baby the rest of the day.

Still determined to at least accomplish this one thing- I put the baby on my back- hoping he would fall asleep there and started looking for my recipe of the week. I knew I wanted it to come from this cookbook:

Awesome, right? I’ve had this book since 2011, but have never even tried a single recipe. It was more of a nerdy impulse by to be honest but I figured the time had come. They have a whole chapter on bread so I thought I’d try that and when I found one recipe called “Katniss’s CravedCheese Buns” I thought that has to be the one. Why? Well the notes say it’s inspired by Peeta remembering this is Katniss’ favorite bread back home. (those who have read the books- he references this during “real or not real”) And most of you know that whenever discussing anything Hunger Games related, I compulsively yell PEEEETAAAAAA out of my intense affection for that character.

PEEETAAAAAAA!!!!! aka the boy with the bread… or the dandelion in spring

Of course, once I took a look at the directions and ingredients, I began to feel a bit suspicious… one of the ingredients was Bisquick… that almost felt like cheating in this homemade baking project but I was too tired to pick something else, so I moved forward with mixing everything and putting it in the oven

It was while they were cooking that I realized what I just made looked and sounded familiar. A quick interest search revealed it was almost the exact same recipe as the “copycat red lobster biscuits”These biscuits cooke extremely quickly and they were already starting to brown a minute before the time suggested to check on them, so I was glad I looked early! I tried half of one when they first came out and…

I was not impressed. Especially after the gorgeous loaves of bread I’d made the last two weeks. But the recipe then called for you to pour a mixture over the top and let it sink in… and considering the mixture was mostly comprised of butter…. I was sure that would improve things.

So. Much. Butter.

But even after adding that, I was not happy with this recipe. Also, the baby on my back that I was sure would fall asleep almost as soon as he was up there, was still awake and cranky and pulling at my hair because I wasn’t letting him try the biscuits (I figured he didn’t need the Bisquick and sugar) and so I set him down to cry in his playpen instead. And then I started to cry.

I didn’t even know why I was crying. I mean, I figured the exhaustion was playing into it, or just feeling like I wish I could stop his pain I know he’s having with the teeth that just never seem to actually cut through his gums no matter how much pain he seems to have dealt with over the last few months, or the frustrations of daily adult life in general or what. And then I jumped on this thought train: “maybe it was the damn ‘Katniss’s Cheese Buns’ and the fact that they taste so crappy to me… WHY did I pick this STUPID RECIPE! I probably picked the only dud in the book. way to go. Nothing is going right today! It’s the only thing I’ve eaten all day and it’s crap and…wait a minute!”

And that’s when it dawned on me: It was 3:00 PM and aside from sucking on an orange segment as my son ate the rest during his lunch… I’d had NOTHING ELSE TO EAT all day. I wasn’t failing at adulthood or being a parent or baking… I was just HANGRY.

My husband has since come home and devoured several biscuits, giving them his stamp of approval. I am still not a fan. Better luck next week I guess. And tomorrow, I’m going to eat breakfast… and maybe even lunch too.


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