Baking #6: 42 projects in 52 weeks

***Originally Posted 2/8/15***

OK, remember when I said that technically some of my projects wouldn’t be baked persay? This week’s is one of those.  I made Oreo Truffles today so I could bring something sweet to the How I Learned To Drive cast party and I thought I’d share this very easy treat with you.

There are several variations of this recipe all over the internet, but I have always just guestimated after making them for the first time at a holiday treat party in 2010.

Here are you basic ingredients:

And by basic ingredients, I mean ALL of the ingredients…

Dump the oreos and cream cheese in a food processor. I like the ratio of one block of cream cheese to one package of Oreos (Trader Jo Jos), but you may like a different texture. Once everything is good and blended and at the consistency you want, roll the mixture into little cookie balls of deliciousness:

Then set those in the refrigerator for an hour or two and get your chocolate melted. I chose a different method of chocolate melting today and tried the warm water in a crock pot method since I don’t own a double boiler. It took a lot longer than the microwave, but I didn’t end up with any burned chocolate. I also did not end up with very good drizzling consistency though so… the struggle with chocolate remains.

It looked so crafty and promising…

I then dipped the truffles in melted white chocolate, but you could also use milk or dark chocolate. For a fun holiday twist you can always use the peppermint oreos. These are fun to make for gifts and if you use white chocolate like I did, you can even add food die to make them different colors for parties, baby showers, etc. For the cast party I used blue… because there’s a joke in the play about blue balls and it has become a favorite line.

Anyone have hints or tips for me on successfully covering treats in chocolate without a double boiler or half the chocolate seizing up or being VERY patient and watchful (which is just not an option since all my patience and watchfulness goes to the baby right now…)??


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