The Eye Doctor Method of Household Management

I’m not the world’s greatest homemaker. I love organizing and color coding but I am not very cheerful when approaching cleaning tasks and honestly if it’s not on a list there’s a good chance I would not even notice things like baseboards that needs cleaning. Due to this trait, I have tried SO MANY Pinterest approved ideas when it comes to keeping your home clean and clutter free, but I never stick with any of them for long. It has taken me over six months of having the same task on my daily Powersheets goals to figure out a morning routine that works. Continue reading


Cleaning: Routines, Not Schedules

So, when I wrote my little intro about how this month’s focus was on cleaning… I mentioned some pretty lofty goals for this category. In fact, they were lofty enough that overachiever recovering perfectionist me even admitted they would take much longer than this month. To be completely honest, when I wrote that I don’t even think I knew exactly what I was looking for or the components of what I needed… Continue reading

How To Pinterest Like a Boss

So I mentioned earlier this month that I am super sick of so many advertisements bombarding my life. I have been trying different strategies for Facebook usage and still haven’t landed on a good fit there (though my favorite so far has been cutting my newsfeed usage- once I hit an add or a vague “Your friend liked this article/ad based page” entry I stop scrolling and either sign off or go to a specific friend’s page or group if I have an actual purpose for being on the site… still tweaking though…)
For Pinterest, however, things were much simpler. Continue reading

Baking #6: 42 projects in 52 weeks

***Originally Posted 2/8/15***

OK, remember when I said that technically some of my projects wouldn’t be baked persay? This week’s is one of those.  I made Oreo Truffles today so I could bring something sweet to the How I Learned To Drive cast party and I thought I’d share this very easy treat with you.

There are several variations of this recipe all over the internet, but I have always just guestimated after making them for the first time at a holiday treat party in 2010.

Here are you basic ingredients: Continue reading

Baking #4: 42 projects in 52 weeks- Hobbit Cake

***Originally Published on 1/16/15***

I started today with a major case of the Mondays. Baby and I are both fighting off a cold so the weekend wasn’t much of a restful time and there just seems to be an extraordinarily overwhelming number of things  to do this week and to be honest, I was just in a bad mood from being sick.

Pretty much sums it up…

A shot of 1 of our 4 bookshelves. We love our nerdy book collection!

Then, I thought about my sweet husband who must be suffering an even worse case of the Mondays. Even though it’s a holiday, he volunteered to work because we have some big dental bills from this month, AND he woke up with the baby a few times last night to help me get some sleep since I’m sick AND I kept him up even more with tossing and turning and sniffling and blowing my nose at all hours because I’m sick. He is one of the hardest working, caring, thoughtful people I know. So today’s baking project is a recipe that I saw and immediately thought of him. The reason? A friend pinned it on pinterest and described it as “the sort of cake a hobbit would have at home for breakfast”  (in actuality, the cake is called Black Milk Tea and Honey cake and you can find the recipe over on this blog).

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Baking #2: 42 projects in 52 weeks- “Easy Peasy French Bread”

***This was originally posted on 1/5/15***

OK, so those of you who know me from school at some level or another will know that I like to front load my work whenever possible. I’d rather work really hard and get some extra time to rest and recover at the end of the week/month/semester/etc. than get stressed from the pressure of letting things build up. So unless things really fall apart, I try to be extra productive and positive on Mondays. I have a lot on my to-do list today, and this baking project didn’t derail that to do list at all! (though the painful teething times of my little guy did…)

When I first started thinking about this project/ New Year’s Resolution, I figured where better to get ideas of what to bake than good ol’ Pinterest?! I spent some time searching and I have about 20 recipes pinned or liked that I’m keeping my eye on and hope to try at some point. The recipe for this week’s loaf was on my list. It seems to be the darling of the Pinterest bread baking world and came up several times in my searches. Seriously, it was everywhere, you may recognize it by this image:

It wasn’t until a friend messaged me, however, that I decided I needed to bump it up the list and try it ASAP. This is what her message said: “Literally the easiest bread I’ve made and one of the easiest things I’ve ever baked. I make it at least once a week!”

Well, that recommendation was good enough for me. And she was right. It was SO EASY! It took a lot less time than the last bread batch (Only 15 minutes for it to rise?! That’s perfect timing for me to feed my son and start him on some independent playtime and get 30 minutes to myself while it bakes!) You can find the recipe for yourself here but I will post the ingredients to give you an idea of just how easy it is:

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