Baking #25: Honey Oatmeal Bread

A short post is better than no post at all:
image1Well we survived the fist week of summer camp with baby in tow… and it’s been a great experience so far but a total whirlwind so I wanted this week’s baking project to be a little sweet but mostly full of sustenance to get us through another week! I’ve had this recipe pinned for years but until I started all these baking projects I was intimidated to try it with all the waiting time for the bread to rise etc. etc. I’ve been wanting to make this recipe all week but had no time until today and it was worth the wait!


This recipe made a HUGE loaf! and so pretty…


He ate his piece so fast I could barely get a picture of him trying it!

Definitely a recipe we will be trying again! The bread is fluffy but hearty and full of flavor. Having it with some melted butter was heavenly!!
We’re gearing up to head into week 2 of camp and I’m up early this morning finishing this blog post since in my quest to take better care of myself, I went and worked out last night instead of writing and editing. Will definitely be having some of this bread tomorrow as a mid-day snack!


Baking #19: Homemade Graham Crackers

My son is a great eater. Thanks to Baby Led Weaning he has had the opportunity to taste a huge variety of flavors because we tend to eat a variety of flavors and what’s for dinner for us is for dinner for him. Of course, we have to adjust our usual spice level for his portions, because he is not up for spicy… but he loves spices and a variety of sweet, sour, and interesting food. Continue reading

Baking #4: 42 projects in 52 weeks- Hobbit Cake

***Originally Published on 1/16/15***

I started today with a major case of the Mondays. Baby and I are both fighting off a cold so the weekend wasn’t much of a restful time and there just seems to be an extraordinarily overwhelming number of things  to do this week and to be honest, I was just in a bad mood from being sick.

Pretty much sums it up…

A shot of 1 of our 4 bookshelves. We love our nerdy book collection!

Then, I thought about my sweet husband who must be suffering an even worse case of the Mondays. Even though it’s a holiday, he volunteered to work because we have some big dental bills from this month, AND he woke up with the baby a few times last night to help me get some sleep since I’m sick AND I kept him up even more with tossing and turning and sniffling and blowing my nose at all hours because I’m sick. He is one of the hardest working, caring, thoughtful people I know. So today’s baking project is a recipe that I saw and immediately thought of him. The reason? A friend pinned it on pinterest and described it as “the sort of cake a hobbit would have at home for breakfast”  (in actuality, the cake is called Black Milk Tea and Honey cake and you can find the recipe over on this blog).

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