How to Pinterest like a Boss Part 2

Hello friends! Today I’m sharing about something that is both an “everyday” and an “every day” occurrence for me.

One of my most popular posts ever on this blog was on How to Pinterest Like a Boss and because the app has changed so much since I wrote that original post, I decided to write a follow up. I still stand by all of the tips I wrote in my first post so definitely start there, but some of the ways I approach those tips have changed. I’ll touch on those changed but there are a few great new things to mention as well.
1. Check you settings- in light of all the data scraping going on with social media sites, I highly recommend you go to your user settings (you can find this when you click on the hexagon on your profile page) and check your settings- I make sure I have my search privacy turned ON (but if you use Pinterest to market your business then you probably want this turned on so search engines can see your profile), and the personalization options turned OFF because whereas that sounds useful, it’s really only useful to the advertisers trying to target you for their marketing. I can search for what I want and I’m not interested in the Pinterest curated feeds so I keep these off.

2.Use the new “sections” feature! This has been a lifesaver for how I approach organizing my pins. This new-is feature basically allows you to split your board into different, smaller categories. So under my my board about Easter, for example, I now have a section for crafts, a section for food, and a section for ideas on coloring and decorating Easter eggs. It’s great because it saves me time when I am looking for a specific idea, but I would never want to pull those pins out of my Easter board in favor of putting them on a craft or food board. Bonus tip: set up your sections when you have time to really go through the board you are working on- when you first set up a section you can select multiple pins at once to move into that section, but after you set up the section you have to move the pins individually so save yourself the time by planning ahead!

3. Use the collaborative boards feature! This, of course, goes back to the “why” of using pinterest I mentioned in my original post, but I have loved using the collaborative boards over the past few years. Inviting other people to pin on the same board has allowed me to visually communicate ideas for productions I’ve directed or planned parties in tandem with a few other people. If I were back in school I imagine I’d have used it even more, and if I could just get my hubby to start using Pinterest I’d never have to email him another recipe for that night’s dinner again!

4. Check out the “tried it” feedback- especially on recipes or crafts! this is listed as photos and comments from other Pinners. I’ll admit, I feel a little guilty about doing this because I’m still not using their “tried it” option myself since I have a board dedicated to pins I’ve tried and I’ve put way too much time into it to go back and mark all of them as tried so I’m sticking to my original system from before this was an option, but I do look at other people’s experiences or advice to either help me pick which recipe I want to go with or to try tweaking the original poster’s recipe. This can also keep you from accidentally pinning a dead link or spam. Speaking of…

5. I wrote in my original post about using the “like” feature, which Pinterest has now taken away and turned into a board of its own. I still use that sometimes, but try to make sure to clear it out much more often now that it is an actual board of its own instead of a separate section. Otherwise things get lost and overwhelming. I also just want to re-emphasize that it is worth it to go back through and delete pins that are no longer relevant to your life. Here’s a recent example from when I was organizing that Easter board- I had pinned an idea about sprinkling jelly beans in a yard and “growing” lollipops from those jellybeans overnight as a delightful Easter tradition for kids… ummmmm I pinned that before I had kids and now that they are actually here I have realized there absolutely no chance of me doing this in my own backyard. So I deleted it. I had no guilt about it. I encourage you to only keep the pins that are still serving you well and to clear the digital clutter ruthlessly. This remains my absolute biggest tip if you want to Pinterest like a boss.

I hope some of that was helpful! Are you a Pinterest addict? Do you have a favorite board theme or organizing tip you want to share? I’d love to hear about it. And if you want to check out my Pinterest profile, you can do so HERE


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