Expressing gratitude for a blissful birthday

I have a confession to make- I’m kind of bi-polar about social media. I’m always trying it figure out how to use it well while falling prey to as few pitfalls as possible such as it becoming a crutch, a timesuck, or whirlpool of negativity. I, along with most people in my generation, am still negotiating how much the lives of myself and my family should be shared publicly and how much should stay private. I have gone through pages where I purged my Facebook friends count by over half- just across the board cuts. I’ve given up Facebook for a day, a month, a week at a time. I’ve had unplugged weekends and experimented with when I should and should not have my phone. I still have no concrete answers. But you know what I can’t fault the internet and social media for? Making a person feel pretty damn awesome and appreciated on their birthday. I mentioned before I’m trying to be kind with myself about how much I may or may not be able to blog this month, and I thought one good approach might be to be OK with writing a little less, mini posts if you will, on blissful things in life. So aside from the rambling social media thoughts, Let’s do the bullet points version of this post: Yesterday was an amazing start to the year. Here are just a few things that made it blissful:
*Feeling like a superstar thanks to the plethora of text messages, phone calls, emails, and Facebook posts
*Spending some time with my family, (and one of my best friends who is like family)
*Good coffee and great breakfast tacos
*Letting go of work and to-do lists for the day and instead deciding to just play silly games with my baby.
*Dressing up
*French food and romantic restaurants (can you say perfect chocolate soufflé?)
*Laughing until my face hurts
*MUCH more. Thank you to all who added to the bliss. I’m looking forward to this new year…


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