Baking # 21 Rosemary Bread

OK, after a month of celebrations and sweet treats, it is time to get back to some more savory baking selections. My brain is a little fried from this week, so finding inspiration for this week’s project was back to tried and true Pinterest searches. After scrolling through a staggering number of sweet breads, I saw a pin for rosemary bread I knew it was the winner. (We were reminded recently how much our family loves rosemary when a friend brought us some rosemary flavored nuts and rosemary crackers and we were instantly wondering where they’d been our whole life!)

This recipe has long stretches of time for the dough to rise, so don’t attempt it on a day where you are running all over the place. After an exhausting week, we were planning on staying home and trying to put the house back in some semblance of order today so this recipe fit perfectly with our schedule. Also, get ready for a mostly pictures post because it is difficult to be coherent right now. This is how it looked before rising the first time:IMG_4944

After rising the first time, I had to shape the dough into four pieces:


It’s amazing the luxury I feel with just a few tablespoons of whole milk turned into a perfect foamy topping for my espresso…

Not sure I got the shape right, but looked close enough so then I left it to rise again uncovered this time before baking it. At this time I also scored a nap time to sip espresso, write some thank you notes, and update my calendar. In other words, I had a chance to BREATHE!

The result was absolutely delicious. I dipped it in a few flavored olive oils we had and that made it even better. It made me want to have bread and cheese for dinner… and I have a feeling after hubby gets home and tries it, we may!


Yum. Perfectly golden brown and good with or without butter!


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