Bardolatry: Opening C is for Clown & other updates

I’m writing a quick entry this morning because we have our tech rehearsal today for C is for Clown! We preview tomorrow at 7PM which means if you live in the valley of the sun (Phoenix) and you work a day job then tomorrow is your only chance to see this fun little show! And let me just say: it includes a rubber chicken and ridiculous hats… Here’s the official info:

C-is-for-Clown-Pandanda-webAmanda and Dan Trombley will be performing at The Herberger Theater Center’s Lunch Time Theater from July 28 to August 6 in C is for Clown. The Pandanda Players are at it again! The group that brought you M is for Marriageand Q is for Queen brings their newest Alphabet Shakespeare play to Lunchtime Theater. Come learn the difference between a clown and a fool and enjoy highlights from some of Shakespeare’s funniest characters. We promise not to have any potentially creepy rainbow wigs or white painted faces – just good old fashioned laughs, witty banter, and maybe a pratfall or two. So if you love to laugh, join Amanda and Dan for their next adventure in Shakespeare’s works! 
The regular lunchtime shows run Tuesdays-Thursdays at 12:10 pm, with tickets $6 each and lunch available for purchase. However, there will be a special Monday night preview performance on Monday, July 27, at 7:00 pm for $3. (No food available at this one). Doors open at 6:40 pm.
Online tickets for the lunch performances and additional info can be found at: 


A wacky picture of our wedding taken by Katherine Miles Jones photography

This runs for 2 weeks and then we get a little break before jumping into Tempest rehearsals!

The only thing remotely related to Taming of the Shrew I thought I’d every like… until I read The Taming by Lauren Gunderson!

In other Bardolatry news… I have once again been invited to direct with Class6 Theatre. I had such a fabulous time directing How I Learned to Drive last winter and will be taking on Lauren Gunderson’s THE TAMING this fall after we open The Tempest! This is a modern play inspired by The Taming of the Shrew… very VERY loosely inspired. Those of you who know me know why this has to be true/is kind of funny. Taming of the Shrew is one of my least favorite plays in the canon. I have no desire to be in it or direct it.anytime in the near future (and odds are good not in the far future either) I think it is problematical on a number of levels. THE TAMING, however, is a delightful, wacky, feminist story and I think Class6’s timing of selecting it is perfect as we make our way into the political madness of the next presidential election. I can’t wait to cast a few stellar actresses and tackle this play with them! 🙂 Here’s a VERY brief summary:
Miss America contestant Katherine has political aspirations to match her beauty pageant ambitions. All she needs to revolutionize the American government is the help of one ultra-conservative senator’s aide on the cusp of a career breakthrough, and one bleeding-heart liberal blog
PLUS there is some major geeing out over James Madison

So that’s the short update… I have to run to tutoring and rehearsal so more details to come and please catch C is for Clown while it lasts!!!:


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