Baking #26: Kona Cafe Sweet Bread

I wasn’t sure I’d get a baking project done this week after the stressful start but hubby is home today and that gave me a chance to try my hand at some sweet bread!

FullSizeRender-5I chose this recipe because I found it on a cool blog that themes itself around DisneyAND we are counting down to baby’s 1st Disney trip. I would think we were a little crazy taking our 1 year old to Disneyland, but we will be going with a few Disney experts and we have no agenda for our day there aside from enjoying the atmosphere, taking some fun pictures, and as a bonus I am really hoping to watch the fancy new parade everyone keeps talking about…PLUS, I know people do this all the time so it sounds more crazy to me than the world at large. Hopefully between helpful friends, baby carriers, and some well planned snacks we’ll be good to go!
OK, once I looked a this recipe more closely, I realized it actually comes from a place in Disneyworld, NOT disneyland… but… it still gives of the tiki room pineapple deliciousness vibe (I actually don’t love pineapple but it’s more a sweet hint than an overwhelming flavor This recipe was great for our schedule this week. Once again the dough needed to rise twice which gave us the perfect opportunity to clean the house and run lines together.

IMG_5255 IMG_5257

Once it started baking our house began to smell AMAZING. I might like smelling this bread even more than eating it, but it is definitely yummy too! (even better once we put butter on it. Or as my husband puts it- Paula Deen it up!)

IMG_5258 IMG_5259

Even better: the four small loaves in the recipe make it easy to bring on the go and split as a family snack while we are out at rehearsals or production meetings or any of our other errands these days! That makes everyone happy! And to bring it all back to the Disney theme: we kept singing One Jump from Alladin after these were done because our son would try to steal giant hunks of the bread and run away from us to eat them!


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