November: Back to Basics

It has been a marathon six months for my family. As I head into tech for my final show of the year I am simultaneously amazed at how much love and enthusiasm I still have for this wonderful project and at how much I am looking forward to cutting back my time away from home and get back to basics- like unpacking!

So that’s what November is centering around- basics. Simplicity. Trying to stop glorifying busy and taking time to be thankful. And it seems appropriate because fall is my favorite season but it is also the particular time of year that the word “basic” gets taken and twisted and used as an insult. (Feminist rant- it is almost always used as an insult against women. “basic bitch” – my very rushed preliminary google search gave me back 22x the number of basic bitch references vs. basic bastard…so there’s that) and I say no more of this shenanigans.

I want to embrace the basics this month. Our daily bread, making a house a home, calling a friend just to say hi in the five minutes you have to spare, coffee and tea and sunshine. So that’s the plan for the month… first a week of chaos and excitement as I keep doing what I love and directing an awesome show for CLASS6 theatre so if you live in Phoenix GET YOUR TICKETS!!!!! There’s a special event for opening night that you can learn about HERE (read the left hand margin!)

I have a post I started last week about my most recent baking project that I hope to get up tomorrow and then hopefully I will stop posting those a week late! So close to the end of the year and so thankful for what a year it’s been.


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