Goodbye Bs and Hello Cs…

Just a quick post today that I wanted to sneak in during little guy’s nap time. As the year winds down I will continue to recap the Bs including today’s recap on Blogging. But the biggest news about blogging is that I am planning to continue blogging in the new year because it has been helpful for me this year, so I will be revealing some of my new focuses for 2016 throughout some of the remaining posts this month  and the first reveal in my year of Cs happens in this post!

to-blog-or-not-to-blog-that-is-the-q-010613Blogging has been good for me. It has filled a desire to write and it has kept me accountable to some great goals and focuses for the year. It has helped me discuss things with people I might not have reached out to otherwise about certain topics. It has helped me look back on posts and this year as a whole and adjust my sometimes skewed perspective. It’s helped me realize some through lines that need work (i.e. my phone addiction and my social media struggle. Speaking of… for the last week I’ve been limiting Facebook to on my computer (or kindle) and only when my son is sleeping which has been helpful because it has helped me be intentional with what I’m looking at when I am on there. Still tinkering with this the rest of the month and possibly beyond… I’m beginning to think a key to this is to stop using newsfeed but who knows. The big goal for this week- go 48 hours without Facebook. It speaks strongly of my addiction that that seems so difficult. but back to what I was saying about blogging…)


Yes, still obsessed with Hamilton. Yes, this lyric does echo in my brain when I think about blogging & memory keeping…

I want all that again in the new year, and part of that focus is why I chose “chronicling” for one of my words in 2016. But I think chronicling goes beyond my desire to keep blogging. It deals with memory keeping. It deals with a desire I have to keep a private journal again alongside blogging (or possibly doing The Artist’s Way again and busting out some morning pages… don’t worry, if I decide to do that I’ll talk about what that means!) It means noting the memories, the prayers, the milestones, the day to day with an eye towards the future so that my theoretical grandkids and great grandkids can have a glimpse at what life was like for us right now.

I’m not sure exactly what chronicling will end up looking like. I will likely try a few different methods throughout the year and see what sticks. I do know that you can expect more blogging.

2016_rm36Excited to share the other words for 2016 and to wrap up my other Bs for 2015!


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