2017: The year of Ds

So I already revealed a few of the Ds I’m focusing on next year: making or trying out new or special Drinks, bringing back Dating my husband as a priority, and the Ds that relate to my family- my boys whose names start with D and my DAUGHTER coming next month. I’m talking about my last areas of blog focus today and then I will probably be a bit quiet until the new year or a bit thereafter as we really focus on preparing for baby’s arrival!

The most abstract focus for 2017 is DREAM. I want to give myself time to just dream about the future and reflect on the big picture. To make this focus more tangible, I’m excited to use my Power Sheets throughout the year and have already covered some wonderful, focused goals that I can approach in a way that is less likely to lead to burn out. I know I’m going to have time to dream about the future in a sleepless daze as I rock my new baby and I’m hoping that my date nights can include re-imagining goals and dreams together now that life is so different than when we first met.

The other word for the blog this year is develop. Some of the smaller, monthly words I’ve worked on- and even a few of the big overarching yearly words have not quite been given the chance to grow that I hoped, or simply need to be strengthened and I am looking forward to narrowing in and further developing skills I’ve already started to explore. Plus, just because I’m exploring new possibilities each year doesn’t mean I want to just forget about all the things I found that worked in years past! That’s why I’ve been baking bread again so much this year and enjoying sharing that baking experience with my son as he gets more and more excited to help me in the kitchen.

So that’s the overview for 2017. Some of my more specific goals I’m still refining or keeping quiet about for now, but I’m sure I’ll be sharing a lot more as we move into the new year and I see how things progress with our new but already oh so loved family member.

Any new goals or resolutions you are particularly excited for in the New Year? Anyone else super excited to leave 2016 behind? I know I can’t be alone on that one…

Until then…


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