Year End Wrap Up: Creating

After finishing up Macbeth earlier this year, and having a lot of health problems that kept me home once I got pregnant, I was worried my creative outlets might dry up. But where God closes a door he truly opens a window… or perhaps several! So it seems fitting to wrap up this year with a very handmade christmas!

img_4028While we did some budget planning and shopping way ahead of time for the Christmas season, the majority of our gifts were homemade and handmade. This meant everything from cooking up sweets or favorite foods to hand making some personalized packaging. Between custom orders for my crafting shop and Christmas gifts for family, I tried my hand at customized drinkware, coasters, canvas projects, and even glittery Christmas ornaments that become one of my favorite projects ever!


Homemade labels for treat filled mason jars! The best part about making my own? All the puns I could want to use!

I was glad I got an early jump on all the creating I did for the holiday season because I ended up being put on modified bed rest just before the holiday weekend, so any last minute adjustments and assembly ended up falling to my husband! Luckily we had it almost all done by then. It was difficult to take a time out during such a busy season, especially with so many sweet friends in from out of town that I wanted to see. But many of them lent a helping hand and blessed us greatly during my down time. It ended up being such a different experience having to sit back and enjoy/observe my creations instead of continuing to go go go…

Luckily, my bed rest was reduced yesterday and I can get a few more last minute things done- such as creating little onesies for this baby girl, or a headband holder for the many, many hair accessories I have waiting for her!

Headbands everywhere! The brave new world of being a mom to a little girl…

Speaking of… come January I can’t wait to meet the greatest fruits of my creation- we’ve turned our Christmas countdown snowman into a due date countdown and it is strange to realize she could come anytime in the next 5-6 weeks! It seems we have SO MUCH left to do, but I am also finding peace with whatever we get done being great and whatever we don’t being ok too.

Did you create anything new this year? Do you have a favorite project or one you are particularly proud of?! I’d love to hear about it. I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and may we all say a prayer for a more peaceful and joyful new year!!


2 thoughts on “Year End Wrap Up: Creating

  1. Merry Christmas to you too! Those lid labels are hilarious. I’m so glad you’re OKed to be up and doing more of the prep you’ve been wanting to do to welcome your new little girl.

    Some of my favorite projects from this year are math papers I’ve (finally) finished—I wish it were easier to share that joy with others! Maybe I picked the wrong field for that. 😉


    • I’m so glad too. We were pretty nervous about what we had left to do.
      I will joyfully celebrate your finished papers with you!! HOORAY! I think Clara once made beautiful paper snowflakes out of printed thesis drafts… perhaps something similar if you want a tangible celebration?
      I am looking forward to hearing about your holiday trip!


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