Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day! I thought I’d do something a little different this year and do a blog post that is not centered around my thoughts, so instead,

I decided to interview my husband about being a dad so far. In a few years, hopefully we can interview our kids about what they think of dad but since they are too young so far…I hope you enjoy this instead! I know I’m happy to have this to look back on once we have many more years of parenting experience. My questions are in bold and his answers follow.


Nothing like having a sense of humor in all this chaos

Funniest thing you’ve had to say since becoming a dad? When I told our friend, “those baby folds and rolls look pretty cute but they’re hiding some pretty deadly stuff in there…” I said it about our son but I think it applies to any cute chubby baby…
When did it hit you that you were going to be a dad? When we were making pumpkin spice lattes and you showed me that pregnancy test… it did not take any time for it to register…
What is your favorite “dad” memory so far? Watching our kids interact together… definitely my favorite
What about favorite individual moments with the kids? With our son it would have to be when he was in Disneyland. Specifically when we were in Downtown Disney in that giant gift shop there and he was in his stroller pretty much passed out and we look down and he has this big plush Mickey Mouse doll and we couldn’t get it out of his grasp so we had to buy it… and it’s been his favorite toy ever since. It just makes me so happy to think about.
For our daughter… that’s a tougher one…I just get lost in her eyes, it’s just so different with her when it’s just us and you’ve gone to go do something and we’re just staring at each other…so many little moments with her
What quality of YOUR dad’s do you hope to pass on to the kids? I think an ability to foster independence. I want to make sure they know they are in a safe and loving environment but I want them to rely on themselves to so they can find out what they can do on their own.

Daddy daughter time

How is it different being a dad to a boy vs. a girl sp far? Well with our boy it’s just… you’re going constantly. It’s nonstop and you deal with the spit and the blood and the other messes and you laugh it off, but with our girl it just seems like time slows down a little bit and it’s like… I don’t know, she’s very energetic too but in a different way. She’s a lot softer, a lot gentler and maybe that’s playing into stereotypes but that’s just what she is you know? She’s my little jewel and I just love spending time with her and watching her grow in a different way than her brother. With our son I experience this exuberant joy-almost like outdoorsmanship, with our daughter it’s more of a studied joy-like being in a library. They’re different and both amazing.
Grossest dad moment? Double poop explosions- both kids at the same time and you don’t even know where to start… I don’t know how people with multiples do it… is it like an assembly line?
Favorite moment with the kids?
Favorite TV dad? Phil Dunphy from Modern Family for sure
Favorite thing to do with the kids? I like going out with both of them. It’s entertaining to see how they interact with each other outside the house and the way our son checks in on his sister and how they interact with each other and the world.

When family photo shoots involve a cranky little boy you just go with it! Hard to believe he was ever that little now that he’s a nonstop toddler…

Best parenting advice? I think find a good middle ground about recognizing that kids are kids vs. the need for boundaries-… and sticking with your gut. Other people have their say, sure, but you’re the parent. Also, drink well and drink often… kidding… sort of…
In your perfect world, what would your ideal father’s day be? The kids are grown up and they take dad on a road trip to Vegas… especially if I still haven’t been to Vegas by this point because I know we have plans to do that soon but life gets in the way… Grandkids can come too but optional either way…
What do you hope our kids remember about you? That I loved them more than anything else in the world and I hope they are happy and live life to the fullest… but also don’t be reckless
What lessons do you hope to teach our kids? While I want to pass on independence I hope they know it’s ok to ask for help when it matters, just don’t be the boy who cried wolf
What three words do you hope they describe you with? Loving, Hopeful, Joyful
What do you think your dad would say about your parenting? Hopefully he’d say what he would want his own dad to say about his parenting- that it was better than his. That generation to generation you pass something along and try to make it better. Obviously not perfect- far from it- I get upset, I get angry just like anyone else but… I hope that maybe he would say “You learned something from me and you’re doing a great job…”

I certainly think he would say that and that he is very proud. I’ll close with an extra shout out to my husband for being an amazing dad. He didn’t mention it in the interview but he has never complained about dirty diapers, late night feedings, or me begging him to come with me to every single OB appointment- even when it was just taking my vitals and finding baby’s heartbeat and we spent more time in the waiting room than in the appointments. He is a rockstar with the kids and can always make them smile. We are all so lucky to have him.

Shout out to all the dads out there today- especially my hubby, my dad, and my stepdad. Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for your kids.


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