Delight: the simple things that have made my week

If you’re like me, you are ready to move into your weekend!!! So here’s a short and sweet post about what’s been keeping me going:
It’s been a busy, stressful week but two of my daily goals have been keeping me centered and sane:
1. Dance Parties- I have made at least ten minutes a day a dance party with my son. He LOVES LOVES LOVES music and it is amazing how his face lights up when his dad or I dance with him. Bonus points if we pick him up or if we pick his sister up and pretend she is dancing along as well. It has AMAZED me how a well timed dance party can turn our whole day around. I am not exagerating when I say it has been the difference between the day moving towards laughter (both the toddler’s and mine) or the day moving towards tears (again, both the toddler’s and mine). It’s definitely not a cure all, but it’s no wonder that “Dancing it out” works for kids and adults as well

Plus, people judge you less for dancing before noon than for pouring a glass of wine before noon so… extra win.

2. GRATITUDE. Another daily goal for this month is to not only practice gratitude, but to express it to those around me. It has made such a difference. Not only finding the beautiful things to be thankful for, but sharing them and watching others cheer up at their work being acknowledged-
*Thanks hubby, for cleaning up the kitchen!
*Thank you son, for putting away your toys the first time.
*Thank you daughter for napping longer than usual. You can’t understand my words but I think you get this in my smile!
*Thank you coffee, for helping me move on with the day
*Thank you friend for the opportunity to bribe my kid with the candy you brought over (I never claimed to be parent of the year….except perhaps sarcastically…)

Simple Joys… THANK YOU!

Anyway, expressing gratitude to people seems to just starts this cycle of goodness. Of course, sometimes there isn’t a person to necessarily express it to, there have been a lot of prayers of gratitude this week:
*Thank you God for flowers and color
*Thank you God for creativity and learning
*Thank you God for the opportunity to start again
*Thank you God for the inspiration you gave to whoever invented air conditioning. And thank you that nothing terrible has happened to our a/c unit this year…
*THANK YOU God for my ridiculously adorable children.

And as we head into the weekend I’ll close out with this one: THANK YOU reader, for coming to this blog. It helps me stay motivated to keep writing and writing has been such a blessing as a way to stay connected to me and take some time out from the crazy #momlife to reflect and share and come back a happier person.


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