Day Dating…

I’ve written before about how it can be fun to something a little less traditional than a full dinner date or dinner and a movie. And we did something a little different for our date this month too!

Sometimes brunch includes AMAZING guacamole… that is one happy husband πŸ™‚

I’d like to suggest that day dating become a thing. This particular date included going out to brunch because that is my husband’s favorite meal and I wanted to give him a bit of an early Father’s Day gift. We enjoyed being casual and enjoying a leisurely meal without the kids.

What was particularly nice about this choice was that because we are up around 5:30 each day anyway, it was easy to be ready for an earlier brunch date and to get a table right when the restaurant opened. This meant no wait, more attentive service, and some time afterward to wander around and window shop. This also meant that the day had not reached the really high heat points we are expecting for the rest of the summer. It was nice to get out when it was cooler now that sometimes it is still triple digits at 8 pm! This was also a good choice because the sleep deprivation is still very real and going out before the exhaustion from the day has really hit meant that we could have actual conversation with a lot less effort since we weren’t running on brain power reserves.

Old school picture- this was from our first breakfast together as a married couple! There’s a lot to be said for breakfast dates

We are hoping to do something like this again soon- maybe just a coffee date next time instead of a full brunch since we are working hard to save money right now. And in the fall we have high hopes for a hiking date or maybe mini golf! Do you have any other date suggestions that are good “day date” ideas? I’d love to hear them as we start to think about planning our dates for the second half of the year!


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