Dessert Date? Yes Please!

I have been working hard to squeeze in some one on one time with my husband before the baby gets here and I have a few to catch up on. When my brothers gave us a gift card to Cheesecake Factory, I thought having a dessert date would be perfect!
img_4626Why? because so often when we go out we are stuffed by the time the option for dessert rolls around. Also, if you’re ever going to have a plan to order multiple chocolate or cheesecake selections… isn’t being 9 months pregnant the perfect time to execute that plan with minimal judgement from the waitstaff? (Though, for the record, we have had several ice cream dates throughout our time together and they remain some of my favorites as well!) So we ordered ourselves some peanut butter cheesecake goodness and some warm  drinks and enjoyed each other’s company while promising not to talk about our to-do lists and the fact that I’m starting to feel like a ticking time bomb as far as when I might have this baby (oh you know, anytime between now and the next month…)


He could have posed with any of the gorgeous copper kitchen utensils but he chose spiced chestnut potpourri… and that’s why I love him…

The great thing about dessert dates, especially with a little one at home with someone watching him, is that your time is a bit more flexible. You can be really casual with how fast you order and eat, it is less of a big deal if there is a wait at the restaurant because you have likely already eaten at least a little something for dinner, and you can use the time to wander around and talk… or walk into William Sonoma and take silly pictures and get looks from the staff that they are clearly worried you are about to go into labor in their store…

Plus, it’s easier for my husband and I to share desserts than dinner selection because he loves to eat meat when we go out (since we don’t stock it much at home) and I don’t do meat aside from fish (and not even that since I got pregnant…) so it is fun to get to share. We came home very full and very happy! I’ll have another blog soon about our most recent date which was one of our final big plans before my due date in a few weeks! I can’t believe it’s finally coming up so fast 🙂


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