A Classic Date

You can’t get much more typical for a date night than dinner and a movie, and that’s exactly what my husband and I did for our last planned date before the baby arrives.fullsizerenderActually, we had planned on only doing one or the other, but thanks to being informed of a grand opening of a new pizza place near us, we got a free, delicious dinner and didn’t have to decide! We had a lot of time to actually just talk to each other while we waited to get in (because free food at dinner time definitely meant a bit of  a line) and then we both enjoyed really yummy customized pizza before heading off to the movie!

As parents, we don’t get out to the movies much. I think the last time we went was last Christmas, and we feel really old when we go and remember how high the prices are and then we remember why we usually hold out to stream them. Plus, if we’re going to snag a date night, we usually want something where we can talk to each other and obviously a movie kind of shuts that down. The last movie we saw just the two of us though was The Force Awakens, and being lifelong nerds we really wanted to see the Rogue One before we had any more of the plot spoiled for us than we’d heard about already.

img_4660We ended up seeing a later showing than we anticipated because the show time I looked up was apparently for enhanced viewing with chairs that moved and that was both extra money AND sounded like a nightmare considering I get nauseated on car rides or from random smells thanks to my crazy hormones right now so randomly moving theatre seats were a no go. We spent the time wandering the nearby bookstore and talking more which was great. While we didn’t get to talk through the movies, I was surprised and delighted at how much we still connected and communicated. These days sometimes all it takes is a look to know exactly what each other is thinking… even if that thought is as random as “Is this supposed to remind us of Mordor as much as it is right now?”

We had a great time and loved getting out just the two of us before this next major life change happens. I’m sure any date I blog about next month is likely to be a stay at home date night, but hopefully we can get creative with that! That’s why I didn’t mind being so predictable with this one 🙂


3 thoughts on “A Classic Date

  1. I love how seriously you’re taking the D for Dating thing! Is this a new resolution, or just new to the blog?

    Also: Going to a movie together has always seemed like an unproductive first date to me—how can you expect to get to know each other?—but I never thought about how much better it gets when you know each other and, as you say, can communicate with just a look!


    • It’s new to both! We’re trying to be more intentional about dating after how little of it we did last year and knowing that it can easily get put off with a new baby.
      YES! I never really liked it as a get to know you date either, but now that we do know each other pretty well we get not only the looks but often a great discussion after too!

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