H is for…

I’m continuing today with introducing my new themes for the year. If you missed the reveal of my first H for 2021, you can read last week’s entry HERE. Ready for the next one?

Our second H is for HOLIDAYS!

I know, I know, we just survived the holiday season, what am I thinking!?! I’m thinking that after the kick in the head that was 2020 I desperately want to celebrate as much as humanly possible this year.

Part of the theme of holidays will involve revisiting traditions and planning for the major holidays that mean so much to us. (I am hoping to get a little more use out of my Celebrations Binder this year!) However, I am also really looking forward to celebrating the random, wacky, one-off national holidays too. This is the kind of thing I see as perfect for getting back to the heart of alphabetresolutions- while some of my themes both this year and in years past tie deeply to lifelong goals or themes I want to cultivate (Growth, Dating, Family, etc.), part of the point of having a new letter each year is for wacky one-off projects, things I’m not expected to keep adding to each year.
I’m not quite sure how many I’ll celebrate or how they will inspire me to write about them, but I do know that my kids are already looking forward to National Popcorn Day… I’m not going to lie, a lot of this might end up revolving around food, and I’m all about it. So far we have enjoyed National Pasta Day, bubble bath day, bittersweet chocolate day, and old rock day. As I’m putting the finishing touches on this post, my husband is preparing for us to celebrate National Hot Toddy Day!

I’ll also be using my Cultivate What Matters Celebrations Binder I got last year to record what traditions and special days I may want to repeat and to help me prepare for the BIG celebrations.

So I would LOVE to hear from you- is there a random, not so widely celebrated holiday that you love or already have a tradition around? I’m still building out my calendar of wacky holidays and would be thrilled to have some input!


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