H is for HOW?!

One of the things I have trouble with each year when I reflect and wonder if I should keep writing this blog is what I have to say and why anyone might want to listen to it. Imposter syndrome is REAL and so is the fear of vulnerability and of putting my thoughts out there in a more long-form medium. But I’ve realized from the past five years (now starting six!) that people DO read my posts and many times I will get follow up questions or thank you or just a simple “me too” after I post stuff, even if it is done in a personal way instead of via the comments.

Strong Hermione vibes…

So this year one of my themes is “HOW” because turns out, on reflection, I DO have several things I feel I do well and I think sharing how I do or approach those things might be helpful for my readers. I often take my own experiences for granted sometimes or worry that if I share something that works for me I am somehow going to be held liable if that doesn’t work for everyone else. Which is funny because I LOVE having some sort of answer and especially love sharing that answer if it can help someone, so it feels weird that I’m so hung up when it comes to announcing this theme for the year. (This definitely stems from being an Ennegram 1… I am THAT person who gets unreasonably annoyed at the click bait titles like “TEN THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW ABOUT YOUR FAVORITE TV SHOW” because HOW DO YOU KNOW WHAT I KNOW?! and because lets face it, if you are a true fan you usually know at least half those things… but I digress…)

Anyway, that’s why I’m writing as part of my intro post that all of my HOW blogs will be about what works FOR ME and has helped me or people I know personally. I’m not claiming to have magical cure-alls that will cover everyone’s incredibly diverse life situations. I am offering ideas and tips from my own life experience. And I believe that experience has value, even if it has taken me a while to see it…

One more H left. Any guesses what it is?! I’ll share next month!


3 thoughts on “H is for HOW?!

  1. I hate those “ten things” posts/videos. Most of them are frustrating.
    I think you have things to share. Getting the word our is important. I wish I knew a good trick for it, but mostly I have just followed everyone else’s advice.
    Good luck.


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