2021 Wrap Up: Part 1

2021 has been quite a roller coaster. I can’t believe we are nearing the end of it and it is time for my yearly wrap up posts. I’m working on finalizing my new themes for 2022 and excited to share them with you in the new year. But before then, I’ll be taking the week of Christmas off from posting and then back with one more wrap up post for the year.Two of my themes for this year were Home and How.

Took this picture the day we closed on our first home… SO MUCH has changed since then… how time flies…

Home was picked with the hope of us moving to a house that would fit us, but at the beginning of the year we had no idea when that would happen or what it would look like. I thought I would write more at the beginning of the year about what we loved about our old home, but I quickly became too stressed and superstitious with the home buying process to write much of anything until we were under contract for our new house (after some very difficult processes before that!) and through the inspection period. That was when I finally started writing about the love and frustration of being a big family in a little house and how hard it was to say goodbye to our first home. It has been easier since then to pivot and think about how to turn this new house into a home. It has been fun to settle in and to share some new ways of celebrating in this new place. It has been helpful to think about  how all the homes I’ve lived in played a part in shaping me and how I want our home to play a part in shaping my kids.

I’ve really enjoyed writing some of the posts for the theme of How and I think they kind of dominated my blog this year. I really hope some of them have been helpful for my readers! In case you missed any of them, I wrote about How I Read over 100 books a year (a trend I continued this year in part thanks to the delta variant cancelling a ton of our plans…) and how I got a little pickier with my book selection to help me incorporate more diversity. I wrote monthly about how Powersheets and the monthly tending list helped me break down and achieve my goals this year. (Not to late to join me in using this wonderful tool for next year! Click HERE to get yours!) AND about how you don’t have to have crazy infamous goals to be inspiring, you can just be you.

I wrote about writing- specifically about the challenges and strategies for maintaining regular blog writing as a mom of three. I wrote about running- about starting running and about trail running. I wrote about priorities and self-care- how I can be obsessed with productivity but am getting better at catching that toxic trap, how Mr. Rogers makes me want to be an essentialist, and how I need to stop being so stingy with myself.

I’ll be back in the last week of the year with my final post of the year. I hope you have a really wonderful holiday break in the meantime!


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