HOW I Write Blog Posts as a Mom of Three

Mom Life is crazy. I knew that when I started this blog in 2015, a little over half a year into my journey of motherhood. Since then we’ve added too more little ones and while all three are precious, vital members of our family and we love them all so much… my husband and I have experienced a lot more chaos and a lot less free time with each kid we’ve added to our team.
So I thought it might be helpful to write a post about how I continue to write blog posts fairly regularly as a mom of three since I’ve had several readers (moms or not!) ask me about how the heck I manage to do that as well as a few more specific questions about my process.

HOW I Write Blog Posts as a Mom of Three:
*I remember my WHY- sometimes I re-ask myself why and if I want to keep doing this as I transition from one year or one season to the next. Once I connect with my why and decide it is a strong enough reason to keep going, the rest of the steps become a lot easier.
*I MAKE time because I make it a priority. I make it a priority since I know my why (I will share that one of my Whys is that writing is good for my mental health. That’s a big one. otherwise I wouldn’t do it.) Similar to how I made time to read so many books, cutting out endless scrolling of newsfeeds has really helped with this component. It also helps that I am currently not working outside of mom-ing, but in the past, even when I was working 30-40 hours a week, I kept a blog of some sort with a fairly regular posting schedule! Speaking of…
*I also SCHEDULE time in my calendar when I plan each week (yes, this has basically stayed the same since 2017. But no need to fix what’s working!) and then I stick to that commitment the same way I would any other appointment. When I think about this scheduling I always have a goal for how consistently I want to post AND I schedule in breaks and know exactly how long those breaks will last. I take a month long break annually during the summer (coming up next month!) and some planned mini-breaks at a few other points in the year. Sometimes I write posts ahead of time to cover those mini-breaks and other times it is just a random post-less week. Speaking of writing notes ahead of time…
*I try to batch write– aka write several posts at a time- but not too far in advance! Since parenting is filled with the unpredictable, I try to schedule a big chunk of writing time and write 2 blog posts in the same chunk of time- (or even 3 if I have a North Phoenix moms post due). Since the world is filled with the unpredictable, it doesn’t work as well for me to write whole months or quarters in advance as I know some other bloggers do because I worry I’ll just spend a bunch of time changing things or wondering if this topic is no longer relevant or second guessing myself, or maybe it suddenly seems totally silly to post something that sounded fine when I wrote it because the context of the world or our country has changed. That is why…
*I let stuff sit in drafts- sometimes for a while before I circle back to it. Aside from the context of the world changing occasionally changing seemingly overnight, sometimes I just hit a wall with a subject I know I want to talk about but it’s not the right time for me to finish writing about it. If I forced myself to stay on that one post I’d post far less often, but I give myself permission to leave that draft where it is and start writing something new for that week. Some drafts get worked on diligently for a few minutes at a time over long periods of time, others sit totally untouched for a long time and then get finished all at once, others just need a week for me to put my thoughts elsewhere and then are ready to go the next time I want to post. This flexibility got easier the more I wrote and the longer I kept this blog. It started feeling like a normal part of the workflow instead of dreaded writer’s block.
*I utilize spare pieces of time- if the batch writing seems daunting or even impossible for your current lifestyle or schedule, then it might be encouraging to know that many of my drafts also get started during “fringe hours” (A thought first introduced to me in this book) made up of 10 minutes here and 10 minutes there. I use the notes app on my phone- sometimes via typing stuff in when parked in the school pickup line and struck with some inspiration, and sometimes via voice text such as when I have a realization when on the trails. I keep a notebook next to my bed because I seem to have a million thoughts when I’m trying to fall asleep and sometimes getting them out at night leads to ideas for a post in the morning. Other times I will hop right on my computer at the very beginning of nap time or between the kids going down for and starting other post-kid time tasks to finish up a post or add links and pictures. As is the case with so many of my goals, I have found that little by little adds up and without those spare pieces of time, the batch writing just would not be enough.
*I have an awesome husband who supports these efforts. He is physical support as far as planning our weekends and agreeing this is a worthwhile endeavor to spend time on, and he is emotional support when I wonder if what I’m writing is reaching anyone or mattering at all. If you don’t have an awesome life partner, finding a supportive cheerleader (or two or three) who can help you in one of those two ways is SO helpful.
*I am not half-heartedly trying to make this a business. Sometimes for all the time and effort I put into this, I wonder if I should take the next step and try to blog as a source of income. The truth is, I think that would suck all the fun out of it. Financially, it is a win if I break even year to year for the cost of my domain space. Aside from TOTALLY missing the time period where blogging was a field of financial possibility, (as opposed to the more bite-sized micro blogging era we are in now with social media as the mainstream form of sharing) not treating my blog as a “side hustle” allows me to give myself grace for typos and totally average graphic design, hit and miss iPhone photography, etc. It also give me the freedom to write in my own voice and style instead of writing to search engine optimization metrics. I don’t have to wonder if I should take my hosting site’s advice to “grow your audience with a podcast!” and I don’t have to wonder if I should get back on facebook for the sake of my business.


Those are some of the basics and some answers to a few more specific questions I’ve received about how I blog with so many littles at home. I hope it can motivate you to get some creative work done in some of the same ways if that’s something you’ve been longing for!


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