June Recap and July BREAK!

It is time once again for my annual blogging break. Having this mid-year break is part of what keeps my blogging going. Before I go, I wanted to recap my June goals and this year I’m taking such a break that I’m not even going to share about my July goals before signing off (although I will share that most of them revolve around continuing to settle into our new home… I WILL say that if reading about how I tackle my goals each month and break them down have made you curious about the tool I use and love, six month Powersheets are on a GREAT sale right now and mid-year is the perfect time to jump in. OK, without further ado, here’s a recap.

Move! Begin to make this new House a HOME: We made it through the incredible stress of moving and made HUGE strides to start settling in, but definitely have a long way to go. So thankful for the amount of tasks accomplished this past month though.
Escape the heat and hike: Going up to Flagstaff to hike and enjoy time outside as family was the perfect break from moving stress and I loved it so much. Extra grateful for it once we were back in Phoenix and had a heat wave of 115-117!
Inbox 0:
Huge progress here. Didn’t quite make it to 0 on one of my accounts but went from hundreds of emails to tens of them and feel like it is much more in control. This is now a manageable daily habit once more.
Address Change Chaos:
Done! For the most part…. didn’t bother with taking time to update at a bunch of random stores or the less important places but all the crucial changes are done and that feels so good. Plus, we have our new driver’s licenses so now our new home feels extra official!
Summer Bucket List: Had to change a few items on the ideal list, but working our way through a ton of summer fun. I love this tradition.
House dreaming/To-do list: Is it weird that this goal turned into one of my favorite date nights ever? There’s nothing like dreaming with your partner to make you feel even more in love.

Budget Check in/Family Meeting: Too chaotic to make this happen at the beginning of the month, but we got back on track by the end of it. It was a doozy of a month but we are ready to get back on track in July.
1 on 1 time with each family member: I had so much fun with this during our time up north especially. the middle weeks of the month this didn’t really happen as we were all together working inside the house, but we started and finished strong and I’m looking forward to continuing this in July.
Family yearbook pages: I’ve actually decided to put this on pause as I now work on this during school pickup and while school is out I’m ok just making notes on what I want to journal about instead of doing full pages. I’ll catch up, I have no doubt.
1 My Modern Story page: 3 out of 4 weeks this happened and it feels so good to do this kind of documenting.
Embrace rest and take some quiet time: Did NOT do this very well aside from our time up north. Hoping my break in July helps me focus on true rest- hard to balance with the millions of things and projects I want to do around our new home.

Unpack at least one box: Yes! almost every day this happened and while we still have many boxes, I often went through a lot more than one box in a day and things are starting to feel like home.
Move my body: This didn’t always happen the same way or as intensely or for the length of time I wanted, but I did fit this in every single day in June- no small task given the chaos!
Hydrate: Still working on this. Had too much caffeine and not enough water but getting back into the routine and even started using my water tracker again by the end.
Read Aloud Time: We had a pause on this the first week we got back to the house, but are back in the swing of things now and the kids can’t believe they get to count this fun family time towards their summer reading program goals. Dad is still reading to the kids at night and I’ve started doing morning times because it keeps the kids calm and in one spot while I drink a cup of coffee while it is still hot!
Sleep Hygiene: This was not great this month but a huge focus for July.
Morning Routine: Definitely need to change some things around with this given the new house.
Evening Routine: Same as the morning routine it needs some tweaking but I feel like this is starting to become routine… only took about a year LOL.

If you’ll miss me on break and especially if you are a newer or more sporadic reader, you can follow me on instagram @alphabetresolutions and I’ll be sharing once a week an old favorite post during this break. (Consider my H for July to be greatest Hits…) See you in August 🙂


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