Back from Break: August Goals

It was SO helpful to have a bit of a break. I hope some of my newer readers enjoyed some of the older posts I shared via instagram (and for those who don’t follow me on instagram, here’s a quick recap of what I shared before I jump into my August Goals…

I shared one of my most re-shared posts about how I plan out my weeks in a way that helps me reach my goals.

I shared one of my oldest blog posts that I am still really proud of writing and was one of the things I wanted to share so much that it fueled me to start this blog.

I shared a difficult post that is maybe more universally applicable after the past 15 months than it was when I first wrote it.

And finally I shared a post from last year that has become one of my most viewed posts of all time about Brene Brown’s rapid fire questions.

During my break I focused on lots of non-screen oriented goals and did a lot of writing that has nothing to do with blogging (usually this means journaling but this year’s break even included some work on a one act play!). I put a lot of energy into continuing to make our new house a home and we have come a LONG way in less than two months of being here but still have a long way to go- I’m hoping we feel settled by the holidays (props to everyone who has or will move right around the holidays with no time to settle before adding on all those crazy decorations and traditions!)

And since I’m not going to recap all the July goals in detail, that brings us to my August tending list!

August Monthly Goals:

*Prepare for the New School Year: I hate to be that trite person who muses “where did the summer go?!” but seriously… WHERE DID THE SUMMER GO?! Moving happened the very beginning of summer and settling in took up such a huge chunk of our time that the summer seemed to rush by. We didn’t even travel as much as we usually do and we didn’t even sign up for some of the summer activities we’d usually do and yet it still flew by… I’m trying to get excited for the school year and I’m hoping this school year can find me back in the classroom- especially at the co-op preschool my middle kid attends! So much to do and plan before the year starts, and it starts SO EARLY for my oldest! Why do we make kids go back to school in 115 degree heat when the East coast kids get until after Labor Day?!

*First Day of School Traditions: We always do a special ice cream Sundae party just before the new school year starts (it bookends nicely with our ice cream for breakfast tradition the day after school ends!) and we have a few other special traditions like first day of school pictures, etc. that take a bit of planning and forethought to execute. I don’t want any of them to get lost in the shuffle.
*Bulk Trash Clean Out!:
When we moved into our new house, the old owners left a LOT of random stuff behind- much of it very big. We are thankful for the city’s bulk trash program so we don’t have to rent a dumpster or pay for people to haul it away but also it has been hard to wait for bulk trash day and hard to pick what junk to get rid of first! It is going to be hot to haul it all out to our curb but it is also going to be GREAT to start getting some space back in our yard/garage/etc.

Before- our backyard was pretty much a jungle and that trellis was falling apart…

AFTER! well more during… long way to go but we have so much space to work with now!

*Print off pictures: We need new pictures to hang in our home and I’m hoping to find a good deal to print off the first half of our family yearbook photos as well, this sounds like a simple task but there are several steps and it can feel so daunting!
Continue purging and organizing pictures: During the whole moving process I got insanely behind on organizing pictures (actually I started getting behind as soon as the school year started thanks to the combo of work from home and virtual school meaning I rarely had access to a computer when I normally would!) I am giving myself grace to catch up slowly and trying to implement a daily habit that will make this kind of work easier to tackle in the future, but a lot of catching up in the meantime!

August Weekly Goals:
*Self care Sabbath:
Taking once a week to practice intentional relaxation! (think bubble bath, a 45 or 60 minute yoga practice instead of 15-20, enjoying a cup of tea while listening to my favorite album uninterrupted, etc.
*Family Meeting/Budget Check:
The budget is kind of second nature once again, but the family meeting is helping us reinforce some of our new routines and responsibilities for the kids. Trying to fid the right balance between fun and serious conversation, between encouragement and coaching, etc.
*Get Crafty/WRITE:
Taking once a week for me time to stretch my creativity in one way or another (or both!)

August Daily Goals:
* Artist’s Way August:
As a way to jumpstart my creativity (and honestly this seems to be something I need to do every time I take an extended break from theatre) I’m re-reading Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way so each day I’m making sure I do my morning pages and assignments for that particular week. 
*Evening Routine:
I started making some progress on rest and sleep hygiene last month and I want to keep going so maintaining an evening routine as the school year starts is crucial this month.
*Strenght & Sips aka Move My Body & Hydrate:
It is always SO hard for me to stay motivated during the summer. Exercising indoors is rough for me, I deeply prefer hiking or outdoor running, but I also find that part of that lack of motivation is due to not adding enough water during these extra hot (especially this year) and dry months so trying to work on that and trying to change my attitude and remind myself that the rest of the year I don’t mind indoor strength or yoga work so just focus on the beauty of air conditioning during my summer strength work!
*Daily Delete:
Trying to get my picture process in order and delete any duplicates/super blurry pictures at the end of each day instead of waiting to tackle it all at the end of the month when I upload to our computer and start sorting photos there. Also trying to be more intentional about the pictures I take so that my kids see my face when they are doing something cute, not just my phone trying to capture every single moment…. not that I’ll ditch the phone completely, but this podcast really made me think about how much I stick a phone in their moments of creativity and learning!



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