Genuine Thoughts: Rapid Fire Questions

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, one of my favorite podcasts right now is Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us. Whenever she has a guest on her podcast, she ends her interview with ten “rapid fire” questions and since I’m not going to be on her podcast anytime soon (lol) I thought I’d respond to them on here because I find them fascinating and lovely.

So here they are, in the order she usually presents them:

1. Vulnerability is: worth it.

2. You’re called to be brave but the fear is real and you can feel it right in your throat, what’s the very first thing you do? Take a deep breath, and if possible hold tight to the hand of someone I love.

3. Something that people often get wrong about you? They think that I’m an extrovert- I LOVE people and being around them, but it totally drains me and I NEED alone time. (Another thing people get wrong is that introverts have had it “easier” during lockdown/quarantine… this is not the case if that introvert is a mom and all the alone time was snatched away…)

4. Last show that you binged and loved? My husband and I re-watched Parks and Rec and it was exactly what I needed during this time.

5. One of your favorite movies? There are so many but I’ll stick with three: a comedy, a classic, and a holiday movie: Princess Bride, Casablanca, Muppet Christmas Carol

6. A concert you’ll never forget? Two are tied- the Format concert I attended with my sister in San Diego-  I will never forget hanging out with our favorite rock stars after the show and the fact that my sister had Nate sign her body … and seeing Mumford and Sons with my husband and one of my best friends shortly before getting pregnant the first time- hearing the lyrics “my ears hear the call of my unborn son” gave me chills and I just had this gut intuition our first kid would be a boy.

7. Favorite Meal? Either homemade ravioli and tomato sauce with a good red wine or fajitas with fresh salsa and a good beer or cava…

8. What’s on your nightstand? A picture of my middle child’s baptism, a picture of my family’s handprints (minus our newest addition), a fall scented candle, lavender baby bedtime lotion, my current book- (I’m always reading at least one e-book and one physical book for when I’m trying not to stare at a screen before bed), and usually a cup of coffee that has gone cold…

9. A snapshot of an ordinary moment in your life that brings you true joy? Storytime- My kids giggling at our current read aloud chapter book or the library picture book their dad is reading them while the baby alternates between listening and nursing.

10. What are you deeply grateful for right this minute? Cooler weather so more of our days can take place outside.

I’d love to hear your answers to one or many of these! I think they are such a fun variety of topics.


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