2020 Wrap Up Part 1

Oof, what a year, right?? But we’re almost to a new one! Which means it is time for my annual recap. Here’s a part one of reviewing themes for 2020 and some of the posts I’ve written on them throughout the year…

When I picked the theme of GENUINE for 2020 I had no idea the crazy challenges that would invite me to share some of my more difficult thoughts. I expected to share posts about love, and anxiety struggles. I knew I would continue my traditional letters to my kids, which are some of the most earnest things I write. 

I had no idea I would be sharing about struggles with depression, and exhaustion (emotionally… I knew a baby in the picture would make this a given physically…). I could not have guessed the grief I would feel over all that has been lost from COVID or the frustration I would feel with people trying to make this global pandemic more silver lining than clouds.

I’m glad there were a few upbeat posts as well like this recent one or this one from my birthday month.

I still struggle at the end of each year if I should continue writing this blog.

Another theme for the year was GROW. We definitely grew our family. And in lock down mode it seems we had an even closer look at watching our kids grow up SO FAST right before our eyes. And as we reach the end of the year I can confidently say that the number of books and miles this year definitely grew from last year (and with it the number of weird things I saw while running) More on that next week! However, we did not grow in other areas I had anticipated. We have not moved into a house that lets our baby move out of my bedroom-  something I would definitely like to have happen in 2021 and figured would be a done deal by last April or May before COVID hit. We have not grown in other areas that I planned because we were basically in survival/management mode most of the year. We didn’t even grow us much in our garden this year! (though thank goodness for the flowers we did grow! We needed that beauty!) So, of my four themes, I think that grow was the one I struggled with the most.

Next week I’ll re-cap my other themes for the year, and then we’ll get ready to leave 2020- to the joy of all. 


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