Raise Your Hopeful Voice- Celebrating 8 years of Marriage Plus a Q&A

Yesterday was my anniversary… or actually, OUR anniversary.

I have a special guest on the blog today- an interview with my sweet husband about the past year as well as the last 8 years since our wedding day. Yes, he was sweet enough to answer a bunch of questions after

four bottles of wine on a table

Blenheim Vineyards wine! (Yes, the vineyard owned by Dave Matthews… it’s good!)

an evening in celbrating. As you know, one of my core goals for the month is celebrating amidst the weirdness of the global pandemic. So instead of our usual anniversary plans, we got take out pizza, watched our wedding video for the first time in about 7 years, and my husband surprised me with wine from the vineyard where we went for a “mini-moon” right after we were married! (We couldn’t afford an actual honeymoon until about a year later as we graduated with our MFAs and moved across the country a week after our wedding!)

It was so fun and strange to watch our wedding video and think- wow, they have no idea what is coming next. How hard some parts will be and how even better than they imagined other parts would be! But you’ve already read enough of my ramblings… here’s the Q&A with my husband! Some random, some 


  1. What food reminds you of me? I’d say salmon. (There’s an inside joke there, but it is also one of the only meats Amanda still eats.)
  2. Which of our kids are most like you? All of them! son because he doesn’t listen and is destructive- kidding! sort of… but actually because he tries so hard, our middle child because she is both joyful and willful, and our baby because farts…
  3. What’s your favorite memory of the last year? Just… going places… remember when we could safely go places? But if you want something specific, probably Christmas… 
  4. What’s your least favorite memory of the last year? The last three months… (no offense to our baby who is about to be three months… it’s probably a pretty obvious thing but it’s rough to be in a pandemic, especially with three kids in a small space!)
  5. What was your favorite date together last year? Last year’s anniversary date of kayaking
  6. What was a date that didn’t work out quite as we’d hoped? Everything the last three months, I’m really disappointed we didn’t get to go to see The Format
  7. If you could relive one day of the last year, which one would it be and why? Valentine’s Day- the birth of our child and watching the other kids meet her and toasting our family of five.
  8. How have we grown as a couple in this last year? We’ve both grown bigger and smaller… weight wise… don’t hurt me…
  9. What did we start doing last year that you’d like us to continue? Consistently cooking at home without food waste, giving each other more time to do things, especially unscripted time without  needing a week’s notice to make it happen- a small plus of “quarantine”
  10. What’s a new thing you would like us to start? I want to let the kids make more choices for their days instead of trying to plan it for them, more family decisions
  11. What have we stopped doing that you miss? going out… anywhere…
  12. When were you most proud of me last year? When you gave birth with no pain meds, I mean… that was so crazy impressive.
  13. What was the most fun moment we’ve had together? Italy- all of it. No responsibilities to anyone but each other and enjoying our honeymoon exploring somewhere new together.
  14. If you bought a yacht and wanted to name it in honor of me, what would you name it? “IM ON A BOAT” in capital letters and then in tiny letters on the nett line “and…”
  15. What would we be doing for our anniversary if the world weren’t facing a pandemic? Well we usually do the traditional gifts by year so apparently making pottery… or maybe going to pottery barn? Maybe both… we’re so white… 
  16. bride and groom holding hands

    You can see the plant he’s talking about… it was just a little too close to where I had to sit…

    What should be our first date night away when we feel ready to leave all three kids and venture back into the world? Laser Tag (how Barney Stinson of him…)
  17. We re-watched our wedding video tonight. What was your favorite moment?: Seeing how much that fern or palm or whatever plant it was attacking you because the chair was too close to it and you trying to navigate… and if we are also counting the rehearsal dinner toasts then your friends toast where she toasted herself instead of us and recounted when I called you “Demanda”… I forgot about that. 
  18. Anything else you want to say? Live together or die alone… I would have referenced the constant as my LOST moment but your constant might get mad… ok, one more thing. I love you! goodnight!


people dancing at a wedding reception

reception photo from the oh so talented Katherine Miles Jones photography


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