May Recap and June Tending List

It hasn’t been easy, but we are coming to the end of the first half of 2020. If you want to join me in using Powersheets for the second half of the year, you can get your 6 month edition HERE! And now, a recap of my May tending list and a look into what I’m focusing on during this final month of the first half of the year…

*Celebrate SO many birthdays: YES! I had a beautiful birthday, all things considered, and had a lot of fun creatively making meaningful days for other special birthdays and events this month.
*Celebrate our Anniversary: YES! You can read about it and a little Q&A with my hubby HERE in case you missed it!
*Celebrate Mother’s Day: Yes. So grateful to celebrate my first Mother’s Day with THREE kids! (Still sometimes hard to believe!) and just so thankful we were together and healthy.
*Catch Up on Family Yearbook Pages: I’ll be honest, I’m feeling REALLY discouraged on this particular goal. The company I’ve been using product from for years has recently stopped producing the products I loved and I haven’t found a good replacement yet. That shouldn’t be keeping me from documenting and organizing pages right now, but for some reason it TOTALLY is. That and I’m just kind of feeling overwhelmed and not sure HOW I want to document right now. Hoping I find some clarity here soon as a recent update is starting to give me a little more motivation…
*Work on Baby books for my girls: Made a good start with my youngest’s baby book! Did not make much progress on my middle child’s… mostly because it is a bigger physical book and I need the space to work on it. Which was a problem because I also did not make much progress on…
*Restructure Office: This didn’t happen. Again. We are SO TIRED by the end of each day and it’s not something I can work on during nap time/quiet time because my husband is working from home so I think if we want to make this happen what we need to do is pick a weekend and set aside a major block of time
*Reorganize Bedroom/declutter closet: A lot of decluttering and organizing happened in this area. A good reminder that it is easier to tackle something manageable and specific instead of a big task that feels overwhelming! I will just have to work on breaking down more big projects into manageable pieces!

*Budget Check In/Meal Plan: Yes. So important during this weird time to have a touchstone of normalcy and to be sure we are budgeting appropriately.
*Photo Routine/Backup: Nope. Did not do a great job of this in May. Part of this was addressed above, but I’m also finding it challenging to work on little by little when my husband is now on our desktop for work during those times of day I’d try to steal 10 minutes and sort or backup photos. Not sure the best way to approach a new routine here.
*Weekly Mileage Goal: YES! This was the most successful focus this month and it did wonders for my mental health. Not looking forward to the super hot days ahead that will make it harder to get out there and get some miles in.
*Sunday Spa Day: Hit and miss, but it happened more than it would have without being intentional!
* Write: More than in April for sure! But hoping for more consistency.


Old picture but I’m excited to be gaining strength again and getting back to crow pose!

*Hydrate/Sun Salutations: hit and miss here- I’ve been drinking way more coffee than water and that really needs to change! And the sun salutations were more than half the time so I’ll call it a win!
*Dance Party/Laugh with the Kids: Almost always and it was a highlight/win every time.
*6k Steps: Most successful daily goal was this! I bumped it up to 7K as the goal by mid-month and am ready for 8k in June!
*Daily Delete/Screen Curfew: Hit and miss but getting much better as far as time on my phone… just need to get better at the daily delete part.

June is a strange month as we move into what will undoubtedly be a weird weird summer, and everything still seems to change so quickly from week to week… (that’s for sure… I wrote this over a week ago and the world changed so quickly I didn’t even feel right posting it until today!) so my strategy for this month? I am kind of throwing a bunch of things on my powersheets and hoping to make progress on at least some of them!

*Plan for & Celebrate Father’s Day: I have a confession to make- I really dropped the ball on celebrating my husband last Father’s Day. I was newly pregnant and oh. so. sick. I want to make it up to him this year, especially after the great lengths he went to during the month of May to be sure we could still celebrate so much in these weird times. So the first part of the month is going to focus on planning for that.
*Work on Baby Books: Since I didn’t make a lot of traction last month, especially on my middle kid’s album, I’m going to make up for it in June.
*Declutter and Make Space: I know most people do this in spring but… we are running out of space and need more space and lest stuff while we wait to move somewhere that can accommodate our larger family sometime in the next year (hopefully!).
*Start work again on something creative: I feel like I have hit so many creative walls recently. Between late pregnancy to post partum exhaustion to pandemic anxiety I just feel like al my creative energy is sapped and I think maybe I just need to do the work in some small way to hopefully ignite it again… just not sure which creative area to focus on first!
*Project Life Catch Up and phone photo purge: I wrote above bout how I was feeling a bit out of sorts with this goal, but in the final days of May I learned that some of the physical products I am used to using may be making a comeback! This totally re-energized me and I am ready to tackle this goal to get catch up and the first half of our family yearbook printed by the end of summer!
*Find a new summer schedule: Obviously a ton of our summer plans were cancelled. With no VBS and summer school delayed if not cancelled, we need to find a new normal. A less structured schedule than the end of the school year for sure, but some semblance of routine to keep us all sane!

June Weekly Goals:
*Family Fridays: A favorite family tradition is Summer Family Movie Nights! Looking forward to doing this again and creating other fun Friday times for us.
*Budget Check in and Family Meeting: Seriously the touchstone of our sanity. Is honestly probably a habit by now but when I think of what needs to happen each week to move us closer to our big picture goals, this remains so central.
*Photo routine: I need to find a new way to approach this before it REALLY Gets out of hand… either a truly once a week approach or some new little by little scheduling idea to work around my hubby’s work schedule.
*Strength Training/at home workout x2: I’m not totally sure if this will just be videos we have or free online options or saving up to invest in another at home option, but I’m not ready to return to a gym yet and it is way too hot to rely on running PLUS I am missing the strength I had a year ago and so even if I could keep running, cardio alone just doesn’t do it for me!
*Write: Again, maybe that writing will become blog posts for here or for North Phoenix Moms, maybe it will just be for me, maybe it will even be one of those creative pursuits I mentioned above…
*Library Time: OK, not actually time at the library…  but our libraries are doing curbside pickup services and so I am trying once a week to get new books for the kids and we are participating in the summer reading program. I am extra excited about some of the multicultural stories and resources that have come out of the last few weeks of discussion around amplifying melanated voices.

June Daily Goals:
*Hydrate and 8K steps: Yes! Need to hydrate even more with the heat that is already here (Phoenix has hit a daily high of 109 already… yikes…) and feeling motivated to shoot for 8k steps each day as I slowly work my way back up to 10k.
*Daily Delete and Screen Limit: Screen time limit especially needs work. Daily delete I’d be happy if this happened even once every three days, but setting it as a daily goal because hopefully it will become a true daily routine.
*Coffee & Jesus: Hoping that my youngest will finish her growth spurt and let me get back to a semi-regular sleep schedule so I can steal some time alone each morning for caffeine and write the word time. I have been pretty consistent with my own Write the Word journals, but have been slacking on the ones I’m writing out as gifts for the kids…
*Family Meal Discussion- Roses, thorns, buds: This is something I’ve been wanting to start for a while- basically discussing highs and lows of each day during mealtime. This is something I would do with the kids during after school pickups, but we don’t have that school schedule anymore and that also meant my hubby was never included. Looking forward to the talks that come out of this.
*Readaloud Time: One “school year” routine I want to keep in place during the summer is reading aloud a chapter a day from a book to my oldest kid We are about to start Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.


So we’ll see how the next month goes! What are the big changes to your summer plans? Any re-sets or new goals you are working toward? I’d love to hear about them.


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