My mental energy is all spoken for…

I’m going to be honest- I have no mental energy, no “emotional spoons” left for much of anything after just making it through the day encouraging the kids and trying to maintain some semblance of a new normal. The sleepless nights with a teething baby aren’t helping but the snuggles are one of the few things letting me escape the dreary thoughts. There are a few other things. If I have any energy at all I put it toward getting sunshine and some steps in or going out to the garden for some natural beauty before the heat wins and kills the rest of it off.

I thought I wouldn’t be excited about a blank, unprompted write the word option… but turns out this came out at the perfect time…

I’ve also found some solace in reading. I read on my kindle app after the kids go to bed (often in my own bed just before I pass out- not the best sleep hygiene but also less likely to wake the baby than keeping a light on to read a regular book). And I read a physical Bible alongside my Write the Word Journal times in the morning. If you want the basics of what a Write the Word journal is you can check out THIS post. I have been taking a pause from the journals I am writing for the kids and just writing one for myself. I’m trying to receive what hope I can from the verses. I’m looking forward to adding some new journals to my collection that just came out, and I’m especially looking forward to the blank Write the Word journal to use for verses that I need to meditate on in the midst of my anxiety. (Should I call it a Cultivate Serenity edition? Bravery? The judge voice inside says I should call it Cultivate basic coping skills?)

My tending list from the beginning of this month has been severely simplified and the perfectionist in me would have been ashamed of this in years past. But now I realize that I can be honest about how much I am struggling and that this season won’t last forever. Even when it feels like it at the moment…

So Sorry this week’s blog is short and sweet and next week might be even less, but this is what I can honestly share right now so that’s all I’m going to share right now.

(But if you want a little more, I did have my monthly post for North Phoenix Moms published this week and you can read it HERE if you want to know about four things you don’t need during the newborn days.)


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