Genuine Thoughts: Rapid Fire Questions

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, one of my favorite podcasts right now is Brene Brown’s Unlocking Us. Whenever she has a guest on her podcast, she ends her interview with ten “rapid fire” questions and since I’m not going to be on her podcast anytime soon (lol) I thought I’d respond to them on here because I find them fascinating and lovely. Continue reading

My FAVORITE books from 2018!

One piece of personal progress I made last year was that I started to read quite a bit more. I have always loved reading, but I just felt really burned out after graduate school and had lost the habit of reading as much as I had in the past. Last year, that changed. It especially changed after I quit facebook and suddenly found more time to spend on a chapter here and there- and a chapter here and there really adds up! So without further ado, here are my top 12 books from 2018. Continue reading

Dear Assault Survivors- I love you. It gets better. Let’s hold on.

*Trigger warning- this post includes discussion of sexual assault and suicidal thoughts

I am one of many, many people who is a survivor of sexual assault and had a really horrible week last week. I thought I’d be writing a fancy pre-amble to find the nerve to get to that sentence I just wrote, but walking around the issue doesn’t make it any easier to talk about, so there it is. It happened to me and I was in a dark, dark place for a very long time. For years, I thought that if I wasn’t ready to relive my trauma and open up about details then I better keep it hidden and not talk about it at all; but after the past week and the way I felt like I was barely hanging on even with the support systems I have in place, I felt the need to write this and share it. If you are a survivor of assault and you are still processing, I want you to know it will get better. I know it doesn’t feel that way, but please hold on.

This entry is written to those fellow survivors out there, but I really believe it might be helpful for those who know and love survivors too– and odds are good that applies to you whether you know it or not. Continue reading