May Recap and June Goals

May was quite the whirlwind of a month. June is sure to be the same- so much so that I didn’t even have the time or brain power to add pictures to this post… but at least I got the writing done! Here’s a look at where my focus is in the chaos…

Celebrate ALL THE THINGS!!!: Yes. It was a whirlwind of the month and some celebrations were more scaled back than others, but we made intentional time for each special day and occasion and had a lot of joy this past month.
Create Summer Bucket Lists: SO much fun with this! Definitely helped the kids get over their “end of the school year blues” (yes, they are still at the age when ending the school year is a bummer, ESPECIALLY after this past year when it took us until the spring to finally get back to normal-ish school!)
Dr. Appt. Catch Up: Big progress here- mostly of the scheduling kind but there was a LOT of scheduling to consider… and already crossing off some of the actual appointments.
Pack & Purge: Surprise! Didn’t list this one on my May post because so many things can go wrong between getting under contract for a house and closing, but had it on my tending list because we closed the beginning of this week! This one HAD to get done and the hard thing about moving is no matter how much you plan ahead there is just that crazy rush to pack up your everyday use stuff at the end! It happened though- literally yesterday, and I am so grateful to get into our new space and start making it a home.

Project Life Pages: Faithfully stayed up to date with our family yearbook pages. Did not have the brain space for any My Modern Story pages that I had planned.
1 on 1 time with each family member: this happened most weeks, even with the crazy scheduling, and made a big difference.
Write: Hit and miss, but at the very least I made blog posts happen. And I got a lot of writing and brainstorming done during my birthday staycation which felt wonderful.

MAY DAILY GOALS: (the first three goals all kind of combine for to lay a foundation for better sleep!)
Caffeine Curfew: Most days I did really well with this, but on the days I missed OH MAN did I really miss it and just go caffeine crazy. Going to keep working on this.
Screen Curfew: Very uneven here but I am starting to notice a difference the nights I actually stick with this so that is encouraging.
Evening Routine: This was my least successful tending list item this month. It was just such a crazy schedule this month and my evening routine is the first thing to go when my schedule is all over the place. (Spoiler alert: Don’t really anticipate that being too much better this month, but going to try and at least make it a bit more consistent!)
Steps OR strength: Almost every day and feeling good about this! Had some sciatica struggles this month but other than that I feel good about how I’m listening to my body and exploring different strength options.

***And now onto a new month with SO many changes. Aside from school being out for summer, we are in the process of moving into a new house! LOTS of posts about that to come, but obviously these things are making it a bit of a crazy but also exciting time and are having a big impact on my tending list! Big changes are part of why I’m really looking forward to doing a little powersheets refresh and refocus the end of this month with the Refresh Your Year Live online retreat! In the meantime…***

Move! Begin to make this new House a HOME: This is obviously the top priority this month- beginning to unpack and figure out what our life is going to look like in this new space. This also appears as a daily goal since it is such a huge undertaking and I want to remember to unpack intentionally.
Escape the heat and hike: While it might make more sense to escape in the higher temperatures of July and August, I want to head up north and hike while it still feels cool there instead of just “less hot” before I take a bigger hiking break for the rest of the summer. This escape will also give us some much needed family time after all the chaos of packing and moving!
Inbox 0:
I let things pile up again during the last few months and I’m ready to tackle this easily manageable digital organization before I delve into the much bigger task of revisiting photo organizing that I super slacked on over the past 15 months!
Address Change Chaos:
This task weirdly overwhelms me so I put lots of little marks on my progress bar to work on it throughout the month…
Summer Bucket List: I always love making a seasonal bucket list with the kids and then spending some intentional time together enjoying those activities!
House dreaming/To-do list: One of the most fun parts of finding a house we plan to be in for a very long time is dreaming about the short and long term projects! After we settle in a bit, hubby and I are planning a date night to just dream together and have fun imagining all sort of stuff from small DIY projects to big backyard overhaul projects to future remodel potential.

Budget Check in/Family Meeting: With moving in this crazy crazy housing market, we have to be back on our strong budgeting game for a while and with the changing schedules of school being out and adjusting to a new home I think bringing back our weekly family meeting will be super important!
1 on 1 time with each family member: One of the best things I can do to keep our family strong and something I love but weirdly something that doesn’t happen if I don’t schedule it.
Family yearbook pages: Staying caught up on this feels so good and keeps me feeling grateful.
1 My Modern Story page: I have wanted to get back on this editorial style of documenting for a while and it keeps getting pushed to the side so I’m starting small and focusing on little by little with just one page a week as the goal.
Embrace rest and take some quiet time: I don’t know about you, but the summer exhausts me thanks to the heat here in Phoenix and the high energy from all the kids! I am trying to be really intentional about getting my sleep routine to a better place, and I think a weekly goal of something restful instead of sleep as my only time I’m not trying to DO ALL THE THINGS will be really good for my mental health.

Unpack at least one box: I’m sure many days I will unpack more, but just one and I’ll call it a win! I’m trying to be really intentional as we unpack to find ways for our new space to be the most useful and to get an idea of what we may not actually need anymore or what we have used to the end of its practical life, etc.
Move my body: In the heat of the summer I get a little less ambitious with my steps and my mileage, so any way that I move my body works for me. The kids and I are planning themed dance parties as a start and I’m really looking forward to that!
Hydrate: The summer heat is no joke and I definitely skimped on my water intake during the stress of last month so time to get back to adequately hydrating.
Read Aloud Time: We are going to try moving this time to the mornings instead of the evenings during the summer and see how it goes… They are about to finish up The Hobbit with their dad and then we’ll go to the next Ramona book. I love our read aloud time!
Sleep Hygiene: Sleep is the priority of the summer! I am hoping with our littlest getting her own room in the new house that maybe all of our sleep will improve and I’m going to make it a daily goal to consider the good sleep hygiene I’ve been doing hit and miss for the last few months (screen curfew, caffeine curfew, and going to try to start charging my phone in another room each night instead of right by the bed.
Morning Routine: I think this will need a few tweaks with the new house and the summer routines but I have a strong foundation here.
Evening Routine: I continue to struggle with this goal I’ve been working on for almost a year now! I’m just so tired by the end of the day and still trying to cram in way too many things so this is almost always the first thing to go at the end of a busy day…


Not sure I’ll get to all those goals this month as the main focus is obviously unpacking, but feeling good to be at least a bit organized with what I hope to make progress on this month.


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