March Goal Recap, April Goals and Spring Refresh

I know it’s not quite the end of the month yet, but I had a little time today to do my Powersheets goal refresh and prep for next month and I wanted to write while that was still fresh, plus, I think I might be jumping on one of my April goals early so… let’s get started! Continue reading


Consistency is about to go out the window…

So here we are somehow at the end of February already. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! Even with the extra day it seems like it just flew by. Continue reading

Follow Your Bliss

See what I mean? Perfect ocean peace… no mention of riptides or sharks…

There’s a very popular saying of “Follow Your Bliss” that comes up a lot especially on Pinterest, in hand lettering, and in self help books or life classes. And while I’m pretty sure I agree with the spirit of the saying- that your passions will lead you to your vocation, I don’t love this Continue reading

Blogging Take 2: In with the new, out with the old

Hello! Thank you for following me here! I’m switching sites to wordpress for a few reasons:

1. I had to create a blogger account under my school email for one of my classes and to be honest, it’s a pain to switch between accounts. I accidentally published on the wrong account yesterday which led to some awkward student/teacher emails I needed to send to make up for it. I will keep my shakespeare blog over there since I don’t write there as frequently

2. I follow more blogs via wordpress anyway (sorry friends on other sites!)

3. I wasn’t loving the other site anyway and wordpress is just SO. MUCH. PRETTIER. And as I wind down with the theme of Beauty this month… what better time to make a decision to switch to a site that I find far more beautiful?! Though I remember why I didn’t choose this in the first place- there are so many options that it can be overwhelming and it will still take me a while to figure everything out… In the meantime, I will be transferring the rest of the old posts over here and hoping that those following via Facebook or email updates transfer over with me! I will update the old blog once the transfer is done pointing people here and then I will delete that one in a few weeks to halt any confusion.

Obligatory cute picture before I end the post.

Wish me luck and thanks for reading! More very soon.