Consistency is about to go out the window…

So here we are somehow at the end of February already. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN?! Even with the extra day it seems like it just flew by.

I have maintained my consistent work out routine as well as eating almost exclusively at home (but you have to have a date night out once in a while, right?) I have fallen in love with my weekday morning rosary sessions. I have even started a pretty consistent schedule with little man as far as morning routine and weekly schedule…


This is happening already… help!!!

And all that is about to go out the window. OK, I’m being a little overdramatic. Odds are good that some of that will stay. But my evening yoga sessions and our regular evening routine is about to be replaced with a new routine of rehearsals. And for the first time I’m a little nervous about that. I am so excited to work on this show, but feeling the pains of finally getting a routine that’s working for us. I’m hoping my morning routines won’t have to change, but I know when I’m getting home so late, odds are good my mornings are going to suffer from the lack of sleep. And I know that as soon as we get used to this new schedule everything is going to change again! That’s theatre life. That’s why I make sure to love the heck out of my time in the rehearsal room because if I don’t then why the heck am I doing this crazy thing? But all that love doesn’t necessarily make it easy. And as always I am trying to find ways to combat my perfectionism and be kinder to myself and my family so if the blogging drops off it’s to focus my to-do list and spend as much time as possible in a calm place with those I love.

9992On the plus side, if my blogging drops it is almost certainly also due to how GORGEOUS it is outside and I want to soak up all that sunshine and 80 degree weather before summer hits and everyone is huddled inside next to the air conditioning. I’ll still want to write. but I’m going to stop trying to schedule the specific times in my planner at the beginning of the week and I’m going to cut back on online time as much as possible until Macbeth is up and Easter is here.

How did your February go? Any big changes coming with the spring? I’m off to finish prepping for a tutoring session- the final session with a student I’ve been tutoring since June. It seems like all sorts of changes are happening over here! Come on March, we’re expecting great things but you can slow down a bit, OK?


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