April Recap and May Goals

OK, I know this post is a little later than usual, but I really wanted to put up my birthday post while those thoughts were fresh!

April was packed and FLEW by! we had a wonderful Easter celebration and were able to feel some sense of normalcy thanks to family having completed their vaccines and it felt so special. We also enjoyed every second of nice weather and mostly coped with the hotter spells… Here’s the rest of last month’s recap and a look at this month’s goals.
*Plan May celebrations!: Yes! With a little wiggle room because this past year taught us to hold most plans pretty loosely… but I’m excited to execute the plans we made last month (some are even done already! But many more celebrations still to come…)
*Finish Recipe Box: Definitely did not finish, but got through all of our absolute family favorite recipes and realized that the confining space of a box means I need to be a bit more picky about my recipes included than I could on a Pinterest board- which is good in some ways and very limiting in others so… all that to say, didn’t quite finish but made a strong enough showing that it isn’t showing up on this month’s tending list.
*Finish Spring Cleaning/Simplifying: Again, not quite finished but LOTS of progress here.
*Revisit Powersheets Refresh: Yes! I feel like I have a really good idea of what I want to narrow in on for the next few months and it was really encouraging to look at how far I’ve come since my prep work at the beginning of the year.
*Calendar 3rd Quarter Holidays: Done and Done and more fun to come.

Hike: YES! I managed to get a hike in at least once a week every single week and sometimes a bonus hike as well. I know summer will bring a lot less time on the trails for a while, but enjoying it now is all I can do about that.
*Your Special Day: Did have one on one time with each kid on their special day. It was great and I think I’m going to switch the one on one time goal to a more regular occurrence the next few months.
*Project Life Pages: FINALLY caught up. Did not manage any My Modern Story Pages but feels good to not be behind on our 2021 pages.

*Steps and Strength: I hit CRAZY step counts this month! My Apple Watch challenge was a distance challenge and that did a lot to motivate me to get in some extra walks when it felt too hot or I was too tired to run. Strength work slipped a little, but I’m doing more challenging work on most of the days I incorporate that now, instead of just a few squats and calling it a day. I am having a surprising amount of FUN switching up strength work between bodyweight and dumbbells and barre or pilates or a more strenuous yoga class, etc.
*Readaloud time: Yes! It is really fun switching off between me reading and my son reading. Hubby actually got jealous of all the fun and is going to be taking over read aloud time for a bit and I’m excited for that too.
*Screen Curfew: Failed horribly at this until I read a book about the importance of sleep… yikes. Then it became a bigger priority.
*RISEN: YES. It’s not quite done yet but I already know I’ll be using it again in future Easter seasons.

This month is SO FULL and crazy that you’ll notice I really tried to pair back my tending list…

Celebrate ALL THE THINGS!!!: We have a variety of celebrations and a variety of plans big and small. I am so humbled to have life feel so full of good things every May.
Create Summer Bucket Lists: A favorite tradition with the kids is making a bucket list for summer vacation. We brainstorm together, decide what the top priorities are, and then make it official on a very decorated piece of construction paper. They have SO much fun with this and I do too.
Dr. Appt. Catch Up: The pandemic and all the rules that came with it regarding being unable to bring children or to bring siblings to appointments resulted in us missing quite a few dr. visits, especially when you threw in the chaos of virtual learning. So I’m trying to start playing catch up for myself and the family on all of those.

Project Life Pages: The goal is to stay caught up and start enjoying some My Modern Story pages again.
1 on 1 time with each family member: The busiest, most exciting, craziest month second only to December means that 1 on 1 time becomes even more crucial.
Write: I have felt so many little sparks and ideas about different writing projects recently but have not set aside enough time to tackle so many of them so at the very least I want to protect some weekly time to just sit and write a bit!

MAY DAILY GOALS: (the first three goals all kind of combine for to lay a foundation for better sleep!)
Caffeine Curfew: I read WHY WE SLEEP last month and it turns out my caffeine curfew wasn’t working too well because it was WAY too late in the day! So trying it again with an earlier start time.
Screen Curfew: I’m not sure why this discipline is so challenging for me (OK, I do… it’s probably a bit of an addiction… or more than a bit…) but I am keeping it on my tending list until I get some better sleep!
Evening Routine: Still working on that better sleep and still tweaking what I need to include in my evening routine to best facilitate that.
Steps OR strength: With how crazy this month is, I’ll be happy if I can get in one of the other each day. Getting both is just a bonus!


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