H is for HOME

H is for home… One final H for the year. I know, it is belated to introduce a theme, but I went back and forth with whether or not to include it. See, home has been a weird thing to think about over the past year. When I picked the theme of GROW for 2020, I thought that several posts would be about growing into a new house as we became a family of five and needed more space… but then COVID happened. Thanks to the pandemic and virtual schooling, we were struggling just to keep our heads above water and could not see adding on the stress of moving and having to sell our house. We ended up staying in our current house MUCH longer than anticipated. We are grateful for our home, but we are squished. So I am hoping that at some point this year, the theme of Home WILL include that belated event of writing about moving- and hopefully I don’t lose my mind in the process as this is truly one of the most insane times in real estate in decades. I’ll probably write a  bit about the love I have for our smaller starter home too (And if for some reason a move doesn’t happen, we’ll definitely have to make some big changes to our current home to make us all fit so that should be a lot to write about as well) … and maybe I’ll mention a few other homes along the way. 

I love the idea of thinking about what makes a house a home, what are little touches around the home that add joy and gratitude, and maybe by the end of the year I’ll even be writing about opening up our home to others to entertain again (please please please God…)

Any topics around the them of HOME that you’d be interested in me writing about this year? Let me know!


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