March Wrap Up and April Goals

My monthly goal check in is here… It feels like March was both crazy slow and super fast all at once… maybe due to Spring Break? Anyway, here’s the update…

*Finish Baby Book (for real!): FINISHED! 78 pages of baby book. All that’s left to do is print and we still haven’t decided what format we want to do that in, but this was such a huge task and it is DONE.
*Photo purge/organize: NOPE. this was the thing that once again got pushed aside. I got some of the work on my phone done but not on the computer or backup hard drives. I think this might be a summer activity- it was just too beautiful out to focus n something that necessarily requires a lot of time indoors in front of a screen and this next month is our last month of mostly bearable weather so I’m making a note in my Powersheets to revisit this in June!

Part of spring cleaning was going through all my non-maternity/post partum clothes after two years and figuring out what still fits well/what I like/etc. Are high/low dresses in or out now? No clue but still loving the florals…

*Spring Clean/Purge: SO much got done here. We still have a long way to go, but it is amazing how much we have paired down stuff.
*Spring Break Celebrations and Spring Bucket List: The kids had a ton of fun visiting Boyce Thompson Arboretum, doing craft boxes, baking, and of course hiking with me. We harvested the last of our garden and enjoyed our backyard and played games and just a lot of fun.
*Social Media Purge: YES! I purged AND I took a long social media break just prior to Holy Week through Easter Sunday. It was super helpful and calming and now I have a lot less “clutter” in my inbox and instagram feed.
*Finish Recipe Box Project: Progress here! but certainly didn’t finish…

*Photo Routine/Project Life Pages: Yes on the family yearbook project life pages. Not so much on the weekly routine…
*Hike x2: YES. oftentimes more. Which is great because we are now officially in rattlesnake season and while I’ll still probably sneak in a few hikes in the next month or two, I DO get a little more hesitant to bring the baby with me when odds of a snake encounter go up.
*Meal Prep: This happened all but one week and it did make the weekdays easier!
*Write: This also happened all but one week- and I REALLY needed that break! It was almost all blog stuff, so I am hoping to get back to my one act script still, but writing was the goal and writing happened!


the LARGE hydro flask… it is bigger than my face… and still somehow fits the stroller cup holder though tragically not the car one…

*Hydrate: YES! I didn’t accomplish my goal every day but I did do a MUCH better job of hydrating than in months past. I even upgraded my water bottle so the task of refilling came up less often.
*Steps and Strength: Yes! Hit my step count each day- all but two days exceeding it by at least 2k steps! While strength training was more hit and miss it was definitely more often than not!
*Sleep Hygiene:
UGH. did not to very well here. All the stress was not good for this goal.
*Evening Routine: Hit and miss here. Honestly, better than I thought I would do this month but still a work in progress.
*Daily Lenten Readings: Did the reading everyday- not always the activity that went with the reading but overall it was a great way to make Lent meaningful while we are still in this weird pandemic time of transitions back to what is hopefully a new normal soon but still just feels like a time of unsure next steps that can change from day to day!

This month is a bit wonky so I paired down goals a bit, but made them things I really know I can focus on regardless of other factors:

*Plan May celebrations!: May is our annual celebrate-palooza with birthdays and other special days galore, so it always takes quite a bit of planning and budgeting, but it is also a fun time to look forward to!
*Finish Recipe Box: Holdover from last month. Slow and steady. Hopefully will feel worth it when I’m done.
*Finish Spring Cleaning/Simplifying: It feels like we have purged so much and yet we still have SO MUCH STUFF between the five of us! I also once again have a large pile of stuff that needs to go to goodwill or to friends etc. etc. etc.
*Revisit Powersheets Refresh: Too much is in flux the beginning of this month to try and do a goal refresh so I have put it off until the end of this month, but want to make sure that it happens so have it in my monthly goals as a priority.
*Calendar 3rd Quarter Holidays: Since May is such a busy month, I want to get this task done in April so I’m ready to go with more silly holidays as well as the major holidays/birthdays/etc.

Hike: This is maybe an aspirational goal as it is getting HOT HOT HOT already here in Phoenix, but I’m hoping if I can get my booty out of bed early enough or negotiate school drop offs ahead of time it will still be decent weather for an early morning hike once a week! Here’s hoping it works out!
*Your Special Day: We started doing this with our kids each a while ago and totally let the ball drop with the new year so I want to be sure we start again and give some extra one on one time/focus to each kiddo. This month it works out to one of these each week aside from the  first full week so it seemed to make sense to set it as a weekly goal.
*Project Life Pages: Annual yearbook stuff— ideally I’d also photo purge once a week but I’m putting off that BIG goal a bit so that’s a bonus for the weekly stuff too. If I’m really in the zone maybe I’ll FINALLY get back to some My Modern Story pages!

*Steps and Strength: It worked so well last month, hoping this doesn’t drop too much as the weather gets hotter (though I will give myself lots of grace if it does!) so laying the groundwork now!
*Readaloud time: I’ve been passing off a lot of storytime to my hubby recently due to schedules and when I can get out for a walk or a run moving later in the day, but I am finding myself really missing that sweet time of connection with the kids so I’m committing to it daily- even if it becomes post-school snack storytime and I leave bedtime stories to dad.
*Screen Curfew: I had a great social media/scrolling re-set the end of last month and into Holy Week/Easter Sunday so I think using that momentum to set a screen curfew and help my sleep hygiene is a logical next step!
*RISEN: My Easter devotional by one of my favorite authors. It has readings and reflections each day and action items most days as well.


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