My Final G of 2020

In case you missed some of my earlier introduction posts for the year of Gs, you can read about my Goals HERE, my desire to be Genuine HERE, and my focus on the Good (and my word of the year) HERE

My final theme for the year is GROW. I’ve written so much about what I’ve learned from growing a garden. I anticipate continuing to learn more from that. I also know that this year will mostly deal with adjusting to our growing family as we add another kid and experience some growing pains in our pretty small home. I know that SO MUCH can change the second this baby gets here and that my priorities will shift. I’m trying to at least brainstorm some topics ahead of time because I know those first few weeks are going to be a blur and writing will be off the table.

I am also constantly amazed but what I am learning from watching my kids grow- not just from baby to toddler but each year, especially since starting school and watching their curiosity and awareness grow exponentially. So I hope to write about some of those moments and lessons.

Finally, I feel confident that what I have started to value more than perfection is growth. Many of my goals that started out strong last year necessarily took a step back when my pregnancy shifted our priorities. My physical health, our finances/savings, some career focus and momentum that was building, etc. were all
changed by months of illness and change. There have been times I felt pretty discouraged by this, I felt like I was going backward and all that hard work I’d done the first part of the year was wasted and slipping away. I know when I pause to really think about the big picture that the work was not wasted at all, but prepared me for what I’ll need as I recover from pregnancy and those challenging postpartum days and as I become a mom of three and pray about what’s next. I am trying to reframe my thinking around the areas that “slipped”- and to instead look at these areas as places for lots of growth this year.

So there you go! I’m hoping, depending on how “with it” I feel after those newborn days, to include a few monthly themes as well, but I’m going to play that by ear…

Here’s to 2020, year of Gs and hopefully a lot of beautiful growth.


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